Miami Beach Gay Cruising Areas

  • 67th St Parking Lot

    67 and Collins ave (Public Parking Lot), Miami Beach

    2/06/04 A cruiser reports: Place has been torn down. The contract to rebuild it has just been handed out and knowing how municipal government works it will be a good year before they are up and runnin ...

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  • North Shore State Park

    , Miami Beach

    he park attracts many young & fit men of Latino and German origin, who work or are staying at adjacent hotel. Not all
    are looking for action but provide great scenery. Action occurs along the trai ...

    rating of North Shore State Park

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  • 67th Street Beach

    , Miami Beach

    reat little urban seaside park. Lots of action early morning hours and some after midnight. You'll find all kinds there.
    Crowd: Everyone goes there. Guys on their way home from the clubs stop there ...

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  • 12th Street Beach

    , Miami Beach

    uring the day, the section of the beach between 16th street and 12th street is totally gay. Lots of cruising goes on. Saturday afternoon is like a sea of beautiful male flesh. In the evening, especial ...

    rating of 12th Street Beach

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  • Flamingo Park

    Michigan Ave., Miami Beach

    Was really hot in mid 1990's. Now getting hot again. Guys playing in the dark, some group stuff.
    Crowd: Lots of young guys coming from South Beach discos.

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  • Haulover Beach

    , Miami Beach

    wimming is excellent. All types of bodies there, from major body builders, and smoothies to the not so beautiful. Very popular place. Definitely worth a a visit.
    Crowd: Straights, bi's, gay and in ...

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    6149 Votes

  • Burdines-Macys

    1675 Meridian Avenue, Miami Beach

    here are no s in this tea room, but it's starting to become fairly popular. I've seen it get fairly busy. If you hang out for a bit, someone is bound to show up.
    Crowd: Uptight business men looking ...

    rating of Burdines-Macy's

    1838 Votes

  • Meridian Market

    6th Street at Meridian Ave., Miami Beach

    ots of guys of various ages and ethnicities wanting to blow or get blown. Take action to your/his place in the neighborhood.
    Crowd: Lots of latins, indians/pakistanis, and white American "South Bea ...

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  • Days Inn South Beach Bushes

    100 East 21st St., Miami Beach

    The bush areas behind the hotels, just watch how the other guys do it.
    Crowd: All types.

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  • Carriage House Condominium Pool

    5491 Collins Ave, Miami Beach

    Crowd: young profs

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