Middlesbrough Gay Cruising Areas

  • Cannon Park

    , Middlesbrough

    Truck stop.
    Crowd: Truckers everyone.

    rating of Cannon Park
  • Sainsburys carpark middlesbrough

    wilson street , Middlesbrough

    car park outside the super market best time to go late at night better on saturdays and weekend nights.

    rating of Sainsburys carpark middlesbrough
  • Leos cottage

    Esplanade, Sea Front , Middlesbrough

    5 cubicals in this cottage, gets busy at times with cruisers all looking for .

    rating of Leo's cottage
  • Newport Bridge

    Newport Bridge , Middlesbrough

    Car park just off road with trees and other places to play

    rating of Newport Bridge
  • Morrisons - Middlesbrough

    Berwick Hills , Middlesbrough

    this a good toilet and needs more guys to use there are two cubicles side by side there was a hole to spy but there block it up

    rating of Morrisons -  Middlesbrough
  • Sainsburys Tunnel Leading to old bampq

    middlesbrough , Middlesbrough

    this is between sainsburys and the old b&q its the tunnel

    rating of Sainsburys Tunnel Leading to old b&q
  • A1185 Seal Sands Road Car Park

    , Middlesbrough

    Lots of action in the woods. Some nudity but not often.
    Most things go.
    Crowd: Locals, Reps, Workmen. No trucks!

    rating of A1185 Seal Sands Road Car Park
  • Phoenix Park Subway

    Subway under A174 between hemlington and acklam. , Middlesbrough

    Crowd: Anyone and everyone, intermitant but worthwhile!

    rating of Phoenix Park Subway
  • Brentnall Car Park

    Captain Cook Square , Middlesbrough

    rating of Brentnall Car Park
  • Tesco Coulby Newham

    Tesco, Coulby Newham, Middlesbrough , Middlesbrough

    This area is very open and has some dark and light spots. It is a great area to meet lads.

    rating of Tesco Coulby Newham