Midland Gay Cruising Areas

  • Currie Stadium in Emerson Park - Mens Restroom

    Orchard and Main St , Midland

    Large Open Restroom with no dividers at the urinals, easy to check out what the other guys have. During games, lots of softball players use this bathroom

    rating of Currie Stadium in Emerson Park - Men's Restroom
  • The Tridge Area

    , Midland

    There are acually 3 parts to the tridge area. The farmer's market side where not much happens, but it's here that the cops hang out.

    The skate park side has these great paths that run through t ...

    rating of The Tridge Area
  • Chippewa Nature Center

    , Midland

    A nice air conditioned building with a bird watching area to meet. Miles of trails to walk on. Benches on trails to wait for others and no limit on wandering off the main trail to find your private sp ...

    rating of Chippewa Nature Center
  • City Forest Hiking Trails

    , Midland

    Dirt road to parking area, then miles of hiking trails.
    Crowd: Mostly older, but some younger guys.

    rating of City Forest Hiking Trails
  • Barnes Noble Midland

    The Midland Mall , Midland

    Great big stalls, and almost no one ever comes in.
    Crowd: Late Teens through Middle Age

    rating of Barnes & Noble, Midland
  • Vets Park

    , Midland

    It's a wooded park with some trails.
    Crowd: All ages

    rating of Vets Park
  • Kmart - Saginaw Rd

    1820 S Saginaw Rd , Midland

    Rest room get togethers occur here on occasion. Just settle into a and stay alert for interested visitors.

    rating of Kmart - Saginaw Rd