Monterey Gay Cruising Areas

  • Home Depot Canyon Del Rey Blvd

    1590 Canyon Del Rey Blvd, Monterey

    3 stalls, all have splatters in them.
    Crowd: Hot hunky construction studs, dads, dudes, latin work studs.

    rating of Home Depot, Canyon Del Rey Blvd

    1891 Votes

  • Locke Paddon Park

    Reservation Rd., Monterey

    I have never been there and not recieved at least a bj. and I go there often.
    Crowd: Varies. Some students from CSU visit. Some older guys also. Its the luck of the draw.

    rating of Locke Paddon Park.

    1431 Votes

  • Paddon Park

    , Monterey

    Crowd: Older guys and UCMB college students.

    rating of Paddon Park

    1187 Votes

  • Post Exchange

    660 Ord Rd, Monterey

    Bathroom, with 2 stalls.
    Crowd: Soldiers, young guys.

    rating of Post Exchange

    1668 Votes

  • Community Hospital Rest Rooms

    23625 Holman Highway, Monterey

    Crowd: A lot of staff know that this place is a good place to rub one out during a stressful day. I've rubbed a couple out with a guy in the next to me.

    rating of Community Hospital Rest Rooms

    1093 Votes

  • Laguna Grande Park

    , Monterey

    Follow the paved path and become aware of the great activity. Keep walking until you connect.

    rating of Laguna Grande Park

    1418 Votes

  • Marriott Hotel

    350 Calle Principal, Monterey

    The stalls have peepholes behind the paper dispenser.

    rating of Marriott Hotel

    1629 Votes

  • Veterans Memorial Park

    Jefferson & Skyline, Monterey

    Public park with picnic area, camp grounds, ball fields and trails through the pines.
    Crowd: Young military stationed at Presidio of Monterey, some older men.

    rating of Veteran's Memorial Park

    1829 Votes

  • Cannery Row Mens Room

    Bottom of Prescott Street at Wave st., Monterey

    rd floor in a walk up bldg. You can get there by going up the back stairs off the bike trail, or by entering the front of the bldg from Wave st.
    Crowd: Bi/married guys, runners, skaters, jock types ...

    rating of Cannery Row Mens Room

    2027 Votes