Montreal Gay Restaurants Cafes

  • La Strega

    1477 RUE Sainte-Catherine E , Montreal

    A sympathetic little Italian restaurant in the heart of Montreal's Gay Village. At the La Strega, pasta is served of course but also many fine dishes with an Italian savour that will stimulate your ta ...

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  • La Paryse

    302 rue Ontario Est , Montreal

    Only slightly larger than your basic hole in the wall, this Latin Quarter standby packs in students, profs, young execs, and middle-agers. They come for the burgers, as much the consensus choice for b ...

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  • Kilo

    1495 rue Sainte-Catherine Est , Montreal

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  • Food Restaurant

    1470 rue Ste-Catherine Est , Montreal

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  • Est-Asie

    132 rue Sainte-Catherine Est , Montreal

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  • Ella Grill

    1237 rue Amherst , Montreal

    If you’re looking to savor traditional Greek cuisine in a bright decor, rendezvous at Ella Grill!

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  • Cafe Santropol

    3990 rue Saint-Urbain , Montreal

    Terraced garden restaurant serves sandwiches, herbal teas and coffee.

    Open daily from 11:30 to midnight. You can board bus #55 north on St-Laurent Boulevard from St-Laurent Metro station. Get off ...

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  • Espressonet Cafe

    1152 ST Catherine East , Montreal

    This is an internet cafe and sandwich shop in the heart of the gay village. Great place to step in and check email, check cruise etc rather than go dragging around a laptop. One hour internet time jus ...

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