Montreal Gay Gyms

  • Nautilus Plus

    Rue St Andre 1431 , Montreal

    rating of Nautilus Plus
  • Nautilus Plus Montreal Cour du Roi

    Ste.Catherine Street West , Montreal

    The gym itself is attended by a mixed crowd of men/women. Try to make eye contact with potential guys and then follow them to the showers and then... hopefully the sauna. The sauna is clean, roomy and ...

    rating of Nautilus Plus, Montreal, Cour du Roi
  • Immaculee

    Papineau and Rachel , Montreal

    Gym is getting empty so no prob having in bathrooms, so any muscl guy wanting pm muscle go to lockers, basement, bathroom.

    rating of Immaculee
  • Nautilus Plus Montreal St Andre

    St-andre/ste-catherine , Montreal

    Crowd: any age, lot of muscle guys

    rating of Nautilus Plus, Montreal, St Andre
  • YMCA Montreal Westmount

    4585 Sherbrooke Street West. , Montreal

    Great sauna room, only one door and you get plenty of warning before people come in.
    Crowd: All sorts.

    rating of YMCA, Montreal, Westmount.
  • McGill Athletic Center

    475 Pine Ave West. , Montreal

    Crowd: Students, gym bodies, basketball teams, hockey teams and McGill professors. The hottest guys have no inhibitions and walk around nude showing their stuff.

    rating of McGill Athletic Center
  • Energie Cardio Village

    845, Sainte-Catherine Est, suite M25Z , Montreal

    Crowd: Gym Crowd... Young Cuties, BodyBuilders, Old Men.

    rating of Energie Cardio, Village
  • West -End Gym

    7025 Chemin Cote-St-Luc , Montreal

    It's a gym and you will find both men and women.
    Crowd: Students, young and old.
    Facilities: Gym, Sauna, Showers,

    rating of West -End Gym
  • Energie Cardio Jean-Talon

    4255, rue Jean-Talon Est , Montreal

    Small but hopefully intimate. A 2 or 3-person sauna. Good spot for a quickie.

    rating of Energie Cardio, Jean-Talon
  • Energie Cardio Metro Rosemont St-Denis-Rosemont

    5800 St-Denis , Montreal

    Brand new gym, very clean, full of hot guys. You need to be a member of the Energie Cardio network.

    rating of Energie Cardio Metro Rosemont (St-Denis-Rosemont)