Myrtle Beach Gay Cruising Areas

  • Kimbel Library

    Coastal Carolina University Campus, Myrtle Beach

    Three urinals, two stalls.
    Crowd: Cute college guys.

    rating of Kimbel Library

    2033 Votes

  • Hurl Rock Park

    , Myrtle Beach

    rowd: This place is visited by all ages, lots of older guys usually in the parking lot, some young guys, but lots of them are Hustlers. Going to this place is like going fishing, take your time and be ...

    rating of Hurl Rock Park

    3115 Votes

  • 15th Avenue

    15th Avenue South, Myrtle Beach

    ice residental street. Nice friendly people.
    Very helpful people for info on the area, especially for the gay community.
    Crowd: Lots of hot guys can be found in the area, very gay friendly neigh ...

    rating of 15th Avenue

    1822 Votes

  • Kilgor Trouts Music More

    512 8th ave N, Myrtle Beach

    Gay Pride store, owner is Gay and some employees (not all). Plenty of Gay customers, very busy. Gay available, ask for it.

    rating of Kilgor Trouts Music & More

    1246 Votes

  • 82nd Ave N Gay Beach

    , Myrtle Beach

    good beach area to the right...straights to the left
    Crowd: all the locals and alot of our of towners

    rating of 82nd Ave N Gay Beach

    4690 Votes

  • McLean Park

    2nd Ave South, Myrtle Beach

    Nice park with baseball fields and a little lake in the middle of North Myrtle. Have been cruised there many times.
    Crowd: All kinds of guys.

    rating of McLean Park

    1586 Votes

  • Nash Street Beach Dunes and Field

    , Myrtle Beach

    cres of paths bushes and woods, secluded, non residential area, never seen police down here. Parking till 2 am.
    Crowd: Been there numerous times, hooked up with 2 college kids on separate occasions ...

    rating of Nash Street Beach, Dunes and Field

    2566 Votes

  • Myrtle Beach State Park

    4401 South Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach

    Crowd: Everyone. Mostly straight guys lookin to get blown.

    rating of Myrtle Beach State Park

    2328 Votes

  • Wal-Mart

    10820 N. Kings Hwy., Myrtle Beach

    Great place to meet and hookup. Would be best if you meet at this location and go elsewhere for the fun.
    Crowd: Anyone Under Age 30.

    rating of Wal-Mart.

    2298 Votes

  • Hwy 17 State Line Rest Stop Park

    , Myrtle Beach

    Crowd: gay and some dog walkers

    rating of Hwy 17 State Line Rest Stop Park

    1953 Votes

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