Borough of Manhattan C.C.


199 Chambers Street

Is This Your Business?

cruiser update 9/18/2008: gloryhole 2nd floor, south side
cruiser update 7/25/2008: The 1st floor bathrooms are a terrible place to go in -- The 4th floor bathrooms in the South wing have much more potential because the secondary toilet has been taken out, and hardly any security go there because it's right near the entrance of the library.

After 5pm, the school is usually dead. Use the bathrooms on the 1st floor, south side, there's usually less traffic on this floor for some reason.
Crowd: Students, professors.

Who's Coming

Students, professors.

Take #2/#1 train to Chambers, walk toward Greenwich St, and the entrance to the college is between Greenwich and West Sts.
  • Crowd:Students, professors.
  • Directions:Take #2/#1 train to Chambers, walk toward Greenwich St, and the entrance to the college is between Greenwich and West Sts.
  • Hours:After 2pm.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Last -- tap foot three times and see if you get a response.
    Cruisiest Spots: Bathroom on 1st floor south, by staircase # 2, which is right next to the escalator, on the second floor, when you enter on the Chambers St side. Just take staircase down one flight and the bathrooms are right when you exit the staircase. Security is not really that tight during the summer.
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  • Other than that, bathrooms on 5th and 6th floors, north and south. No glory holes...
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
whos coming to Borough of Manhattan C.C.
  • Im a student there and in which bathroom is this exactly?

    Commented on 12/22/2008 6:57:31 AM

  • do you have to be a student or faculty member to go here? or can we go without an ID? planning on stopping by sunday early afternoon if i can....please let me know...

    Commented on 12/14/2008 3:51:19 AM

  • ill be around today from 12-9... send me an Aim phone text at quartzeye20

    Commented on 10/11/2008 9:45:32 AM

  • Do you need an ID to get in the school.
    This place sounds hot.

    Commented on 9/25/2008 3:04:20 AM

  • one floor down, right of the computer lab, jus cuz u dont see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen

    Commented on 9/18/2008 4:26:09 AM

  • What do you mean poolisde? you mean the bathrooms were the by the financial aide office or the bathrooms one floor down?

    Ive never seen anything happen there.

    I have class tonight till 1030

    Commented on 9/9/2008 6:19:42 AM

  • Its easy, N side is cruisier, the pool side bathroom gets the most play

    Commented on 9/9/2008 4:46:23 AM

  • saturday from 1130-9

    No one knows what floors to really look for cuz some dumbass tagged all the bathrooms with his email

    Commented on 9/7/2008 11:35:58 AM

  • Im in class on fridays and saturdays, any fun during those times? and where?

    Commented on 9/7/2008 8:07:35 AM

  • There is a lot of good looking masculine young guys that attends this school, I'm always going to the bathroom to "wash my hands" and I have never seen anything happenning there, the only thing I've seen is an email address written on the walls in several bathrooms throughout the building "latinbottm...something......" Im a full time student, if you go to BMCC, drop me a line, we could have some fun......

    Commented on 8/3/2008 10:52:44 AM