Grand Hyatt, New York


109 East 42nd Street next to Grand Central

Is This Your Business?

There are a decent amount of urinals there and the stalls are very private with walls to the floor.
There are alot of business men and commuters who don't prefer the smelly dirty bathrooms at Grand Central.
Crowd: Business men.

Neighbourhood: Mid Town East

Who's Coming

Business men.

Most subways or Metro-north.
Cross street: 42nd and Lexington
  • Crowd:Business men.
  • Directions:Most subways or Metro-north.
    Cross street: 42nd and Lexington
  • Hours:24 hrs
    Best times: After work form 5 to 9 p.m.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Stand at the urinals and give it a little shake. The usual cruising techniques.
    Cruisiest Spots: Bathroom behind elevators.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:Yes
  • Warnings:Cleaning staff.
whos coming to Grand Hyatt, New York
  • went there twice today and scored both times. First was around 1pm and second just before 4pm. 4th floor seemed to be the one

    Commented on 8/7/2008 4:15:38 AM

  • Live in the neighborhood. Pretty descent - best after 5pm. Looking for action? I live a couple blocks from the Hyatt - hit me up when you're in town

    Commented on 7/24/2008 12:28:53 PM

  • damn i'd love to find out more about this place so i can go there to get a bj

    Commented on 7/5/2008 7:00:12 AM

  • what kind of place is thast

    Commented on 7/5/2008 6:57:37 AM

  • youngguy8 hit me up!

    Commented on 7/3/2008 9:19:48 AM