Bergdorf Goodman



Is This Your Business?

Marble bathrooms. Three urinals and three stalls. The door opens into the bathroom without much warning, but always busy. Good-looking men...good jerking-off sessions.
Crowd: Suits, funky guys, all types.

Who's Coming

Suits, funky guys, all types.

4,5,6 subway to 59 and walk west to 57/5.
  • Crowd:Suits, funky guys, all types.
  • Directions:4,5,6 subway to 59 and walk west to 57/5.
  • Hours:Anytime
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:7th floor men's bathroom in the women's store.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:It's a department store and all those inherent risks apply.
whos coming to Bergdorf  Goodman
  • I would really recommend not going here. Bergdorff's is owned by Neiman Marcus. I used to work for this company. The security department is very big and would remind you or the TV show Vegas. As soon as you walk in, they know who you are and if you have ever raised a question in their mind, they follow you with cameras through the store. If you do feel that you need to go here, Shop around first and then go to the bathroom then shop around some more. Do not go in and go straight to the restroom. I know this because I used to be security for Neiman Marcus and they are watching you. One thing about this company is that they will let you get away with it once. Then twice. But the third time, they will have you arrested and hand over video tape of you all three times to the police. Not just the time they arrested you. There used to be rumors of audio taping in the dressing rooms and the bathrooms but I do not believe that is true. Not that I have ever seen anyway. Just be very careful. Since this is such a high end store, you will be shocked how many cameras are zeroed in on your every move.

    Commented on 10/14/2007 1:58:14 AM

  • if we come, how "dressed up" do we have to be? will anyone ask you to leave if you're not dressed the part?

    Commented on 6/28/2007 1:31:50 AM

  • Tell me when you're going to be there, again, Rick 9 ... and maybe we can recreate the action that used to take place here!

    Commented on 5/18/2007 2:18:49 AM

  • this place could be hot, lets make it happen

    Commented on 2/6/2007 12:42:05 PM

  • Haven't been here since they renovated the 7th floor restroom. Is this place still good?

    Commented on 1/16/2007 7:22:56 AM