Splash Bar

50 West 17th Street


Is This Your Business?

Splash still reigns as Chelsea's only exclusively gay dance club. In essence, it's a two-floor affair: the ground floor has two large, square bars, one up front and one in the back, and small tables and giant video screens in-between. Downstairs offers naughtier goings-on, from showers where go-go boys show their go-gos (and accept tips) to a lounge area where hookups happen and friendships are sealed with a kiss. Splash's bartenders, if not always MENSA-ready, are uniformly hot and, despite the bar's reputation to the contrary, do get orders right even when things are fast and furious well past midnight. In fact, when the ground floor turns into a hopping dance floor (usually 9pm), things get packed beyond your wildest dreams -- scores of sweaty, shirtless gods shaking their groove thing. And yet, if it's not all about for you, don't fret: Splash also sports stud searches, musical acts and stars that display their, uh, talents.

Hours Sun.-Thu. 5PM to 4AM and Fri.-Sat. 5PM to 5AM Nearest Subway Station 18th St Station, 18th St & 7th Ave, 1, 9

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