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515 Sixth Avenue

Is This Your Business?

Lots of curious young New York University college dudes who want to get off. Then, they seem to graduate to sucking and swallowing . If your is big enough and the bottom guy is agile enough, the gloryholes are large enough to allow for .
Crowd: Mostly young guys in their 20's, some in the 30s, a few a bit older.

Neighbourhood: Greenwich Village

Who's Coming

Mostly young guys in their 20's, some in the 30s, a few a bit older.

Cross street: 13th-14th Streets, on the west side of Sixth Avenue
  • Crowd:Mostly young guys in their 20's, some in the 30s, a few a bit older.
  • Directions:Cross street: 13th-14th Streets, on the west side of Sixth Avenue
  • Hours:24 hours
    Best times: Lunchtime and after work on weekdays, later in the evenings on weekends.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Grab your crotch if you want to get off.
    Cruisiest Spots: 6 of the 8 booths have enormous gloryholes that accomodate the biggest, fattest .
  • Nudity / Policy:Gay
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:A few straight guys come in for the 2 video booths without the gloryholes, and seem to get annoyed when they get cruised.
whos coming to Xcellent DVD
  • My posting was meant to say I haven�t had �AS MUCH action as I had since his last disappearance�!
    When he is away the HOT cruisers frequent this place!

    Commented on 6/11/2009 4:36:01 AM

  • I am not trying to promote this place by posting info to �bump� it up on the board, but the �attendant/stroller/troll� that �pretends� to clean the place but �distracts� many from having a �good time� hasn�t been there for the past 4 days that I have been there and I haven�t had much action at this place since the last time months ago that he was �out of town visiting relatives" and making the place �decent for cruising".
    I�ll keep going every day until he �returns� and hopefully the �action" will continue as it has!

    Commented on 6/11/2009 4:33:42 AM

  • Glad you had a HOT time "penisfat". I did stop by the other day during lunch and had a good time as well.
    It's just when the "old troll" that pretends to clean the place but just gets in the way, ruins what could be a good time.
    I "DO" have a life aside of going to these places so you do enjoy as much as you can towards "whatever" time you DO HAVE at these places!

    Commented on 4/12/2009 3:27:50 AM

  • Unicorn thread very short, so I did quickly look back, this is a little suspicious because, if it did happen at Unicorn and people talk about it, but it's not on here...well, I don't know. I still think that guy, who's at Exxellent a lot more than I am, would have known if something so criminal happened here. But this place does have its share of addicts who use the non-glory hole booth. they should get rid of that. But I just don't have the time to go there anymore even living around the corner.

    Commented on 4/2/2009 12:34:59 PM

  • hot place I pretty much luck out there most of the time

    Commented on 3/27/2009 7:48:46 AM

  • Don�t know whether it�s an "urban legend" or not or just someone�s attempt to �bump� up this place on the board to attract customers to know of the place it doesn�t change my opinion. Especially since as I see the �old man/troll� that �pretends� to work in the place but just keeps all of the �interested cruisers� away by knocking on the doors of the booths to get you to put money in the machines or leave the place, so he can have all of the action for himself, I LEAVE as soon as I see him in the place! I�d rather spend my money where I will not be hassled or �grossed out�. This old troll will prevent you from �getting it up� for quite some time!
    The owners don�t mind him in here, since he �does all of their dirty work� for free, why wouldn�t you let someone spend that much time in there! It doesn�t cost them much, but I HOPE it costs them our $$$!

    Commented on 3/21/2009 3:32:50 AM

  • 85- yes that is totally it. Hopefully it has gotten better there.. I will pop in and give it another try.

    Commented on 1/6/2009 2:52:04 AM

  • Since the place on 6th Ave & 24th Street (725 VIDEO) has placed metal plates over the slots between each booth, making it a �ghost town� of a place to hang out, this place has increased it�s business. Whether this will keep it open for much longer in 2009 is anyone�s guess. For the past 3 days they have had a tremendous increase in traffic, but that may change if they do what the other store did.
    Had 4 great BJ�s yesterday afternoon to end off 2008 extremely �HOT�, including one that yelled really loud when he shot deep in my mouth. When I left toe booth, all hanging outside of the booth, were giving me that look of �great job� with that attention drawn to the booth that I was leaving and the guy got me to go into another of the 2 adjoining booth to give him another load blowing session, what a way to finish off 2008!

    Commented on 1/1/2009 3:38:29 AM

  • Hey penisfat....most of these places, no matter who is working there, are owned by the mafia. They are convenient businesses to launder illegal money through. So no need to wonder how these places stay open when it seems that hardly anyone is spending money there. The reason so many of them close is pressure from the city. If these places become to difficult to operate because of fines, prostitution busts, or Fire dep't violations, then owners will ditch these store and find other businesses for "fronts" to launder money through.

    Commented on 12/31/2008 12:58:14 PM

  • When the attendants and the "troll" that I mentioned are not pestering you, this can be a HOT place. I will miss the fun I have had there, this year it's been the top place that i have had "action" at in 2008, if it closes, I will likely retire from this scene since ALL of the other places in NYC are HORRIBLE. Spent most of early this morning despondent with the lack of action at the 5 places that I went to after midnight. All along 8th Avenue, and all DEAD, guess many people were not around to have fun with the Christmas holiday, but the attendants were extremely aggressive at the 8th Ave places chasing you out if you were standing outside of a booth for 2 minutes, they all must be getting some tough pressure for loitering/prostitution, so they don't let anyone "hang out" without using the booths. Not worth it so I went home after barely an hour of hanging out early this morning.

    Commented on 12/26/2008 12:44:05 PM