Newport News Gay Cruising Areas

  • Huntington Park

    , Newport News

    his is a public Park and it also has boat ramp, public beach and a Park.. This park is very busy in the summer with everyone coming to check it out, drop your boat in the water, lay out on the beach a ...

    rating of Huntington Park

    2139 Votes

  • Super K-Mart

    Victory Blvd @ Newport News / York County Line, Newport News

    y design of this restroom there is a large gap between partition & wall whereby one in the can get a EXCELLENT view of anyone at the . You have an unobstructive view of their & balls. (I LOVE THE GU ...

    rating of Super K-Mart

    2695 Votes

  • The Flea Market

    10171 Jefferson Ave., Newport News

    Crowd: You won't see business professionals here. Mainly middle-class and lower-class people come here to shop (and play).

    rating of The Flea Market

    1883 Votes

  • Barnes Noble

    12170 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News

    Small bathroom with two stalls. You can tell by all the and writing on the walls that it gets action.
    Crowd: All kinds of guys. Young, middle aged, students etc.

    rating of Barnes & Noble

    1503 Votes

  • Deer Park

    , Newport News

    Lots of paths and bushes, but best to meet and go somewhere else.
    Crowd: Young, old, all types.

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    2514 Votes

  • Newport News Park

    13560 Jefferson Ave, Newport News

    Have picked up a couple of hod there. two in one day and had mine also. Can't do it there will have to go somewhere else.
    Crowd: Just cruise the park. You will see plenty of others cruising.

    rating of Newport News Park

    2561 Votes