Oceanside Beach-Strand Bathroom

Strand/Wisconsin Ave

Is This Your Business?

Public bathrooms are in the back corner of the pay parking lot at the corner of the Strand & Wisconsin Ave. writing on the wall shows there are others looking for some . Cars parked in the pay parking lot might be others cruising, waiting for others looking for the same.

Neighbourhood: Strand/Oceanside Beach

Take Mission down to Pacific St; left (south) to Seagaze Dr; right (west) down to the Strand; take the Strand all the way south, before you hit Wisconsin is the pay parking lot, bathrooms are in the back corner.
  • Hours:Slow during the weekday but perfect for some quick discreet action, can meet up there and take it down to the beach when it's dark out.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Nno doors on this bathroom, one and one toilet; brick walls separating both but no doors on the stalls either. leave a note or wait around nearby to see if anyone else is crusing for . take it to your car or down on the beach if its dark outside.
  • Nudity / Policy:It's a public bathroom with families around at times so be careful and discreet.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / yes
  • Warnings:No doors on the bathroom but you can hear someone walking up so you should have time to straighten up if you're fooling around.
whos coming to Oceanside Beach-Strand Bathroom