Oceanside Gay Cruising Areas

  • Buddy Todd Park

    Mesa Drive , Oceanside

    Sucking, . One on one and three and four ways. Have had some very hot action in this place. More to , I hope.
    Crowd: Lots of marines, married, bi, gay straight. Some older trolls, but they can be p ...

    rating of Buddy Todd Park
  • JC Penney

    4121 Oceanside Blvd , Oceanside

    Crowd: You want it, you'll get it...providing you're patient, that is.

    rating of JC Penney
  • Miracosta College by Lockers

    College/Barnhard , Oceanside

    Men's locker room around noon; other restrooms on campus include 4600 Bldg. restroom near student services, and student union. Need to get temporary permit from parking kiosk. Say you need to visit li ...

    rating of Miracosta College (by Lockers)
  • Wal-Mart

    College and Highway 76 , Oceanside

    Nice size peep hole, needs a little work to make it a g-hole. Lots of hot marine visiting Wal-Mart with their families. Some chubby marine chasers.
    Crowd: Whoever

    rating of Wal-Mart
  • Plaza Camino Real Mall Macys

    , Oceanside

    This place is hot! I know bacause I use to work there and, on my lunch break, just go upstairs and get serviced real good. And then just sit back by the lunch room and see guys coming and going!
    Cr ...

    rating of Plaza Camino Real Mall Macy's
  • Douglas Park

    , Oceanside

    Had 2 great encounters with Marines, one was married & both were in uniform. One had not been in nearly a year. Glad to do my patriotic duty & keep the morale of the troops up in the stratosphere

    rating of Douglas Park
  • Train Tracks

    Between Oceanside blvd and Temple Heights , Oceanside

    Crowd: I've gone there a few times...got my ...got once...

    rating of Train Tracks
  • Oceanside Transit Center

    235 S. Tremont, Oceanside, CA 92054 , Oceanside

    If you like Marines, you'll generally find a lot of them there.
    Crowd: People who take Amtrack, Coaster, Metrolink, and Greyhound, including Marines, and riders of the North County Transit District ...

    rating of Oceanside Transit Center
  • MLK Jr Park - Hockey Rink

    , Oceanside

    Large Park with trails, hockey rink, play areas, soccer field, etc.
    Crowd: Young guys.

    rating of MLK Jr. Park - Hockey Rink
  • Tyson St Bathroom

    Tyson St. Beach , Oceanside

    Bathroom located at the beach, open 24 hours, very cruisy.

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