Ogden Gay Cruising Areas

  • Rest Area by I-15-84 westbound

    , Ogden

    There is activity in the toilet and the parking area. Best to park and watch for someone that sparks your interest.

    rating of Rest Area by I-15-84 westbound
  • Loren Farr Park

    , Ogden

    Can get a quick look at a or two at the , the stalls are active for the action. Sometimes the doors have been removed, so if you don't mind being watched...Be careful of the occasional city workers ...

    rating of Loren Farr Park
  • Beus Pond

    4240 Country Hills Drive , Ogden

    rating of Beus Pond
  • Old Raptor Ballpark-Ft Buenaventura

    , Ogden

    Crowd: Some older guys but occasionally hot younger guys

    rating of Old Raptor Ballpark-Ft. Buenaventura
  • Top Stop on 12th Street

    , Ogden

    Or in you go inside a tug your alot he might tug back and he will go to your car with you and you off. VERY HOT
    Crowd: Everyone.

    rating of Top Stop on 12th Street
  • Wingers

    4649 Harrison Blvd , Ogden

    When you enter the restaurant, the bathroom is to the left, the south end of the restaurant.

    rating of Winger's
  • Mount Ogden Park

    , Ogden

    rating of Mount Ogden Park