Ogden Gay Cruising Areas

  • Old Raptor Ballpark-Ft Buenaventura

    , Ogden

    Crowd: Some older guys but occasionally hot younger guys

    rating of Old Raptor Ballpark-Ft. Buenaventura

    2170 Votes

  • Rest Area by I-15-84 westbound

    , Ogden

    There is activity in the toilet and the parking area. Best to park and watch for someone that sparks your interest.

    rating of Rest Area by I-15-84 westbound

    3037 Votes

  • Beus Pond

    4240 Country Hills Drive, Ogden

    rating of Beus Pond

    2558 Votes

  • Wingers

    4649 Harrison Blvd, Ogden

    When you enter the restaurant, the bathroom is to the left, the south end of the restaurant.

    rating of Winger's

    1027 Votes

  • Loren Farr Park

    , Ogden

    an get a quick look at a or two at the , the stalls are active for the action. Sometimes the doors have been removed, so if you don't mind being watched...Be careful of the occasional city workers o ...

    rating of Loren Farr Park

    1605 Votes

  • Top Stop on 12th Street

    , Ogden

    Or in you go inside a tug your alot he might tug back and he will go to your car with you and you off. VERY HOT
    Crowd: Everyone.

    rating of Top Stop on 12th Street

    1367 Votes

  • Mount Ogden Park

    , Ogden

    rating of Mount Ogden Park

    323 Votes