Oklahoma City Gay Cruising Areas

  • Eastern Ave Books

    1105 S. Eastern Avenue, Oklahoma City

    Bookstore is not that hot, but outside in cars action is a little better.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of Eastern Ave Books

    8506 Votes

  • Stars Stripes Park

    , Oklahoma City

    There are dirt roads on the west of the
    park on which guys cruise in their cars.

    rating of Stars & Stripes Park

    2682 Votes

  • Topping Park

    , Oklahoma City

    This is a small park with very cruisy bushes. It's busiest from after work till sundown. It is still possible to connect after dark, but spotty.

    rating of Topping Park

    4657 Votes

  • Draper Lake

    , Oklahoma City

    ots of places...just go there and watch. If you see guys alone, usually they want an encounter, like you. Some busy places obvious by the used left behind. As in any area, be sure that you are safe. ...

    rating of Draper Lake

    3421 Votes

  • Trosper Park

    SE 29th, Oklahoma City

    ruiser update 2/19/2009: This is still a city park and there isn't any nudity. people are not walking through the woods nude. The center bathrooms were tore down years ago. Trosper is a cruisy park bu ...

    rating of Trosper Park

    4634 Votes

  • Penn Square Mall Macys formerly Folelys

    1901 NW Expressway St., Oklahoma City

    Look through for hard on and exit to uranal for BJ or to give one.

    rating of Penn Square Mall Macy's formerly Folelys

    3194 Votes

  • Will Rogers Park

    , Oklahoma City

    Crowd: Young guys, older, pretty much the whole spectrum. The park is minutes to the west of the Habana Inn and most of the gay clubs/bars of OKC.

    rating of Will Rogers Park

    3063 Votes

  • Lake Overholser

    , Oklahoma City

    rating of Lake Overholser

    2306 Votes

  • JC Penney Quail Springs Mall

    2501 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma City

    he bathroom is really quiet and is never checked by management (the writing on the management check sheet is MONTHS old).
    Crowd: All kind of folks hang out for action but mostly gay and bi guys loo ...

    rating of JC Penney @ Quail Springs Mall

    2450 Votes

  • Target

    5400 N May Ave, Oklahoma City

    have played there several times with some hot married men looking for a quick blow job or hand job. the door faces away from the urinals/stalls, so easy to play.....
    Crowd: some very hot married m ...

    rating of Target

    2082 Votes