Omaha Gay Cruising Areas

  • Oakview Mall- food court

    3001 S 144th St , Omaha

    Crowd: Business men, older guys.

    rating of Oakview Mall- food court
  • Levi Carter Park

    , Omaha

    Great place to have outdoor in the evening!!
    Crowd: This park is located in the 'black' part of town. Usually a guy looking to get serviced. Quite an array of guys, from blue collar to businessmen ...

    rating of Levi Carter Park
  • U of N School of Business

    3350 N 90th Street , Omaha

    The bathroom in the basement is really active especially after 5.
    Crowd: Business types.

    rating of U of N School of Business
  • Sapp Bros Travel Center

    9907 Sapp Brothers Dr , Omaha

    24 hour truckstop and restaurant with a lot of opportunity to meet people you will never see again.
    Crowd: Over the road truck drivers.

    rating of Sapp Bros Travel Center
  • Benson Park

    , Omaha

    Cruisy park with a very cruisy toilet. Lots of guys, especially right after work. A quicky before going home for dinner. Well worth a visit.
    Crowd: Businessmen on their way home to wifey.

    rating of Benson Park
  • Glen Cunningham Lake

    8660 Lake Cunningham Road , Omaha

    Enjoy a tan, or just find someone to blow. This place has little pockets to play in. Very mixed crowd, and lots of cruising at various times (at least when I've been there). The trees are very popular ...

    rating of Glen Cunningham Lake
  • Creighton University Bathroom near the union pacific room under the library

    , Omaha

    Bathroom that I have never seen anybody else in EVER! It would be perfect.
    Crowd: Jocks and college students.

    rating of Creighton University Bathroom near the union pacific room under the library
  • Mandan Park

    , Omaha

    Cruisy parking lot and adjacent woods. Guys usually connect in parking lot and head to trails or elsewhere for action.

    rating of Mandan Park
  • Center Mall

    42nd and Center , Omaha

    Busy, small bathroom, with . Good place to meet and go somewhere else.
    Crowd: Businessmen

    rating of Center Mall
  • Hanscom Park

    , Omaha

    Crowd: Different types of people.

    rating of Hanscom Park
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