Orange Gay Cruising Areas

  • Irvine Park

    , Orange

    paved trails with smaller dirt passes to other secluded spots.notice rubbers or lubes hidden for uses.
    Crowd: Joggers and buisness types some local guys.latinos,whiteguys,

    rating of Irvine Park

    1647 Votes

  • Chapman University

    , Orange

    Crowd: College guys and guys in late 20s and early 30s.

    rating of Chapman University

    1441 Votes

  • Barnes Noble

    791 South Main Street Suite 100 Orange, Orange

    good bathroom on 1st floor between the music section and the cafe. reflective tile, so easy to watch guys at the urinals (if you're into that). handicap is great for some quick action.

    rating of Barnes & Noble

    1175 Votes

  • Olive Park

    2841 North Glassell St, Orange

    Sports park in the city of Orange,with crusiy bathroom

    rating of Olive Park

    960 Votes

  • The Block at Orange

    20 City Boulevard West, Orange

    have noticed the restrooms here are cruisy. The one adjacent to Borders bookstore as well as the one on the other side of the Hawaii store have some action going on. the one near Borders used to have ...

    rating of The Block at Orange

    1473 Votes

  • Argyros Forum Chapman University

    , Orange

    Crowd: college guys.

    rating of Argyros Forum Chapman University

    2218 Votes