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  • Club Orlando

    Bathhouses Saunas

    Update since remodeling 12/10/2008: The temporary shower outside the wet are door has been left there. It's a wood enclosure (3 sides) with a 4-head s

  • Hanks Bar

    Bars Clubs

    Cruise bar with dark room. Small and dive-like, but has friendly patrons. Lots of
    cruising and on the back patio.

    cruiser Adds:They also h

  • University of Central Florida

    Cruising Areas

    update 12/2/2008: No Gloryhole anymore.

    Use the bathroom on the second floor all the way in the back. There is a between the last 2 stalls. I

  • Festival Bay Mall

    Cruising Areas

    Was in there for 45 minutes Sat. and off 4 . No one ever came.
    Crowd: All types and ages.