Oxford Gay Cruising Areas

  • M40 Services

    Waterstock services , Oxford

    Nice location, had some good there, hole can be a bit tight for some thick though, have to them under wall.
    Crowd: All types

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  • Swindon Road A420 Cumnor Laybyy

    just off the A420 Cumnor bypass , Oxford

    Pretty safe, quite busy. In summer, much busier - , sucking. Have had some good sessions there.
    Crowd: Ages 25-65. Can be busy (have had good group there).

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  • A40

    , Oxford

    cruiser update 9/19/2008: Burger Van now parked in both directions from early morning till about 3pmish - a bit annoying!
    Appears to be also particularly busy between 5 - 8pm with everyone going ou ...

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  • Grandpont Nature Park

    , Oxford

    cruiser updates 05/06/09. Went to this spot a couple of days ago, got views of the old bridge in the park where most people meet, n the trees and field where most people pop off to get down to the fun ...

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  • Botley Layby off A34

    go past Botley exit on A34 heading N. First left signed Wytham ,sharp left - 2 laybys , Oxford

    Weekdays, lunchtime , afternoon and up til about 7.00pm. Apparently can be busy for blow jobs first thing though!Have had lots there - including groups,poppers - but most married wanting a good .
    C ...

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  • Headington Hill Park

    , Oxford

    This place is not ultra busy but has great potential, especially with its location for students. There are plenty of other areas in the park to move to other than the toilets.
    Crowd: Students

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  • Borders Bookstore

    9 Magdalen Street , Oxford

    update 12/12/2008: There is no at this place. There are hardly peep holes - you cannot really see anything through them.

    Also security has been around a lot lately, due to old people hanging a ...

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  • Oxford University Parks

    Parks Road , Oxford

    Old-fashioned cottage in centre of parks.
    Crowd: All sorts.

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  • Jackdaw Lane

    Jackdaw & Iffley Rd , Oxford

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  • Sainsburys

    Heyford Hill , Oxford

    There are a couple of peep holes in the partition that look straight out onto the urinals. Have seen many a splendid just get pulled out and drained of here. One guy even jerked and went into the ne ...

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