Palm Springs Gay Cruising Areas

  • Palm Springs Mall

    2365 E Tahquitz Canyon Way , Palm Springs

    Crowd: Mainly an older crowd.

    rating of Palm Springs Mall
  • Whitewater River

    , Palm Springs

    The river is popular year round. It's mostly gay, and most guys are nude. A stiff and a little stroking often leads to more.
    Update on directions: Look for the parked cars on the right. It is befo ...

    rating of Whitewater River
  • Sunrise Park

    Baristo Rd , Palm Springs

    Crowd: All age ranges, be careful of the homeless people. Nice hot older daddy who takes his teeth out and gives you the best hummer.

    rating of Sunrise Park
  • Warm Sands Drive

    , Palm Springs

    Although the street is posh looking and one of the prettiest pick-up alleys in the world (floodlights beaming up the trunks of tall palm trees, fairy lights on the buildings), it's clearly a scene at ...

    rating of Warm Sands Drive
  • Ruth Hardy Park

    , Palm Springs

    Crowd: All types, from young hot, to old and not so hot. Bi-curious and Latins too.

    rating of Ruth Hardy Park
  • Pilot Truck Stop

    I-10 & Indian Avenue , Palm Springs

    High walls for action underneath. Lots of personal ads on walls. Doors are such that no one can see what's happening in the s.
    Crowd: Locals and truckers.

    rating of Pilot Truck Stop
  • I-10 Rest Area Eastbound

    , Palm Springs

    No gloryhole but the 2nd is busted, so if someone is there, you know they are not there for innocent reasons...
    Crowd: Mainly truckers & !

    rating of I-10 Rest Area Eastbound
  • Canyon South Parking Lot

    , Palm Springs

    rating of Canyon South Parking Lot
  • DeMuth Park

    , Palm Springs

    nice park and lots of action, some days like a drive in movie
    Crowd: a good mixture from young to old

    rating of DeMuth Park
  • Tramway Road

    Tramway Road , Palm Springs

    Mostly whites & hispanics on their way to work.
    Very open but ok early morning.

    rating of Tramway Road
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