Pensacola Gay Cruising Areas

  • UWF Commons Restroom

    , Pensacola

    rating of UWF Commons Restroom

    2036 Votes

  • East End of Johnson Beach

    , Pensacola

    Lots of nude sunbathing, skinnydipping, and private beach. Mostly unpatroled and wide open.

    rating of East End of Johnson Beach

    3802 Votes

  • Cordova Mall Food Court

    5100 N 9th Ave, Pensacola

    Crowd: Younger Guys, Some Military, Older Types

    rating of Cordova Mall Food Court

    2324 Votes

  • Bayou Tarkiln State Park

    , Pensacola

    Lots of places to go hide and do your thing as well as just doing it in your car.
    Crowd: Lots of different people, so be considerate and carefull.

    rating of Bayou Tarkiln State Park

    2609 Votes

  • Chimney

    , Pensacola

    A long-established gay cruising spot.
    Guys cruise the trails in the sawgrass
    along the beach front. Daytime activity

    rating of Chimney

    2357 Votes

  • Bay Bluffs Park

    , Pensacola

    here are two parking lots to the park. Park at the lot right across from the funeral home. The park is on the bluffs overlooking Escambia Bay. There are boardwalks that take you down the hill. Stay on ...

    rating of Bay Bluffs Park

    3702 Votes

  • National Seashores Park

    , Pensacola

    Crowd: Guys wanting anoymous .

    rating of National Seashores Park.

    3581 Votes

  • Fairfield Drive Bayou Grande Park

    , Pensacola

    Crowd: Young. Old. Straight, Gay, Bi, Married, Single.

    rating of Fairfield Drive Bayou Grande Park

    3137 Votes

  • Exxon At I-10 and Senic Highway

    I-10 and Senic Highway, Pensacola

    Crowd: All Gay, Bi, And Indifferent.

    rating of Exxon At I-10 and Senic Highway

    2797 Votes

  • Civic Auditorium Parking Lot

    , Pensacola

    ruiser update 8/14/2008: The Civic Center this listing refers to does not exist anymore. Three years ago Hurricane Ivan finished it off. The new Civic Center is NOT a cruising place, it is closed when ...

    rating of Civic Auditorium Parking Lot

    1729 Votes

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