Sansom Street Gym

2020 Sansom St

Is This Your Business?

update 1/12/2009: there are actually 3 floors and it is usual for the 3rd floor group of rooms to be closed. They only open them on high traffic days. (pride, etc.)

2nd floor is open as it is the only way to get to the 3rd floor dark room/maze.

There are easily 80 rooms in the place, if not more.

The do have two sling rooms, a big and a small one in a more discreet section. The sling is included and costs the same as a "deluxe" room, which is a hideaway in another 3rd floor section off the 2nd floor shower area, near the sauna. Deluxe rooms are big rooms and are considered more "hotel" like.

I found the staff to be very friendly. And overall, I would say the clientel is becoming more piggish. While still under utilized, I would say, odds are better that you will have an encounter, or find a willing partner.

But still, Hit or Miss.

Well Maintained for the most part. Some issues in the shower area's, there are two big spots as this was actually a gym, with a men's and woman's locker room. Climate control is pretty good, at least warm in the public play area's in the winter.

cruiser adds: The Rooms on the second floor seem to be closed off for now.The Sansom Street Gym definitely does not have "80 rooms on the first floor". I doubt that they have a total of 80 rooms throughout the facility.----It has over 180 lockers and 80 rooms on the first floor. every room has TVs.
Crowd: Mostly neibourhood guys. Guys who would not be seen in the gay hood.
Facilities: Three month pass is only $20.00.

Neighbourhood: Ritten House Square

Cross street: Right behind Wawa on Chestnut
  • Crowd:Mostly neibourhood guys. Guys who would not be seen in the gay hood.
    Facilities: Three month pass is only $20.00.
  • Directions:Cross street: Right behind Wawa on Chestnut
  • Hours:24 hrs.
    Best times: Any time.... weekends are best.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:They do not allow in the cable lounge located on the second floor. but its free games every where else.
    Cruisiest Spots: It is beautiful.It's the Ritz of bath houses, the price can't be beat.... $23 dollars for 12 hrs. the rooms are huge.
  • Nudity / Policy:Yes
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
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