Chartreuse Flowers & Gifts


1200 Spruce Street


Is This Your Business?

Chartreuse has developed a reputation as one of the most beautiful floral shops in Philadelphia, as well as one of the best places to shop for a variety of home décor items. With its eponymously-colored walls, the shop resembles something more from the streets of Paris than Philadelphia.

Chartreuse is a hidden treasure chest on the corner of 12th and Spruce Streets. Once inside, you are greeted by lush fresh flowers, beautiful floral scents, gorgeous artistic arrangements, and fashionable home décor accessories.
While admiring the flowers, stop to look at the collection of vases in ceramic, glass, and metal, as well as decorated clay pots, candles, wreathes, topiaries, and potpourri. All are artfully displayed on tables and shelves in a celebration of chartreuse.
A focus of Chartreuse's collection includes handcrafted objects designed by talented artists. In this area you will find exquisite hand blown glass and unusual custom painted vases, all created exclusively for Chartreuse.

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