Plano Gay Cruising Areas

  • Plano Market Square

    1717 E Spring Creek Parkway, Plano

    Wash your hands.
    Crowd: all ages

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    1583 Votes

  • Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

    , Plano

    1/15/04 A cruiser reports: I believe the place to "meet" is at the top of the hill at the pavillion that looks down on the trails. Also a great place to meet would be the hidden pavillion in the back ...

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    5801 Votes

  • Collin Creek Mall Food Court

    811 N. Central Expressway, Plano

    f you go to the second from the end, you can see whoever goes in the last reflected in the tile. You've got a good view of the guy's as he sits on the toilet and lifts up to wipe. I've watched one ...

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    2244 Votes

  • Schnell Park

    Park & Jupiter, Plano

    Crowd: all types

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    2120 Votes

  • Plano Outlet Mall-Garden Ridge

    Corner of Spring Creek and Greenville in Plano, Plano

    nter Mall and go to public restrooms (in middle of mall). There are 4 stalls, end 2 stalls are best. There are also 2 stalls in the Garden Ridge store if this gets too busy.
    Crowd: All types, lots ...

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    2831 Votes

  • Garden Ridge

    , Plano

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    1076 Votes

  • Kohls

    Hwy 75 and Parker, Plano

    Urinals side by side with no divider. Great place to show off and jack. Not much trafic so you can have a good time. Here and all Kohls dept. stores in the metroplex.

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    1334 Votes

  • Collin Creek Mall JC Penney

    811 N Central Expy, Plano

    Restroom action, can be really cruisy sometimes.
    Crowd: Pretty much any.

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    1835 Votes