Plattsburgh Gay Cruising Areas

  • State University of New York Plattsburgh Riverside

    PSU, Plattsburgh

    Well-covered area in woods. All young dudes in town know about this place, it seems, and go here to get head.
    Crowd: College students and local late teen, early 20s dudes.

    rating of State University of New York Plattsburgh  Riverside

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  • Heritage Trail from Rt9 to the Cith Beach

    Travelling north on rt. 9 on the northside of Plattsburgh. Go past McDonalds then 1/2 mile over a na, Plattsburgh

    Crowd: Students, cyclists, average dudes.

    rating of Heritage Trail from Rt.9 to the Cith Beach

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  • Riverwalk

    , Plattsburgh

    he riverwalk from the RR Crossing on Green Street across the Saranac River ti the Monument at the mouth of the River and Lake Champlain and the opposite side that wraps around the Water Treatment Plan ...

    rating of Riverwalk

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  • Mobil Truck Stop Exit 36 off I-87

    , Plattsburgh

    Square lot, paved, plenty of parking among trucks. I have never had any luck with the front row of trucks.
    Crowd: truckers on a lay over.

    rating of Mobil Truck Stop, Exit 36 off I-87

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  • I-87 Northbound Rest Area

    , Plattsburgh

    estroom has 2 doors, so you can hear when someone is coming into the bathroom.
    Crowd: Some nice Canadian uncut dicks as the border is within twenty miles. Lots of different kinds, too. Canadian men ...

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  • oak street cemetary woods Champlain

    half way up oak street on left in champlain, Plattsburgh

    wooded area great for discreet meetings and , very quite this time of year, wooded area conceals all

    rating of oak street cemetary woods Champlain

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  • Durkee St Parking Lot

    , Plattsburgh

    It's a safe area, and as long as you are in your vehicle is well sheided from view. Just make sure you use the furthest parking spots from the road and keep your interior lights off.
    Crowd: Anyone.

    rating of Durkee St. Parking Lot

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