Playa del Ingles Gay Bars Clubs

  • Barenhohle

    Yumbo Center, Playa del Ingles

    This leather bar has a cruisy terrace patio and a very active darkroom showing .
    Crowd: Mostly leather/denim guys.

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    1031 Votes

  • Chaps Bar

    C.C Cita, Playa del Ingles

    A very clean, non-attitude bar where men of all ages can enjoy cruising with other guys.
    Crowd: Men of all ages seeking fun with other guys.

    rating of Chaps Bar

    1270 Votes

  • Beach

    Yumbo Center, Planta 2, Playa del Ingles

    This late night dance club has a cruisy out door terrace and bar. Inside on the upper level is the dance floor and bar, on the lower level a cruising darkroom and private cabins.
    Crowd: All ages.

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    1117 Votes

  • Cellar Mens Bar

    Ground Floor, Yumbo Centre, Playa del Ingles

    rowd: All ages, though more are the heavier scene 30+. But the older guys are very relaxed and experieced and very very :-) No pressure round the back cabins, darkroom (literally no light!) and sling ...

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    1902 Votes

  • Hummel Hummel Bar

    Yumbo Centre, Playa del Ingles

    leasant, sophisticated atmosphere in external bar area. Hot, sleazy in dark room. Mature guys, 45+, but many younger guys chasing them. Very pleasant waiters/bar staff.
    Crowd: Hot, older guys and ...

    rating of Hummel Hummel Bar

    1968 Votes

  • Prison Bar

    2nd Floor, Yumbo Centre, Playa del Ingles

    his is a small bar run by an unpleasant and quite dim German called Ralf. He doesn't speak a word of English and can be either pleasant/friendly or extremely rude, depending on his mood.
    There is a ...

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    1385 Votes

  • The Block

    1st Floor - Yumbo Center, Playa del Ingles

    This leather/jeans cruise bar is open from 9pm daily. It has a very cruisy terrace and active darkroom showing .
    Crowd: All ages, mostly leather denim crowd.

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    1276 Votes

  • The Cruise

    2nd Floor - Yumbo Center, Playa del Ingles

    This leather cruise bar has a showing darkroom which is active all night.
    Crowd: Men of all ages, into leather, rubber & uniforms.

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    1127 Votes

  • Rickys Cabaret Bar

    Ground Floor Yumbo Center, Playa del Ingles

    abaret bar with transvestites doing their thing. Not a particularly show, more of the comedy routine. The girls in the photo are not typical, as it was a special night.
    Crowd: Trannies, their admi ...

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    1220 Votes

  • Contact Bar Jeans Leather

    2nd floor of Yumbo Commercial Centre, Playa del Ingles

    Anything and everything goes here so just go for it and enjoy yourselves.
    Crowd: Mainly jeans/leather/bear types, though policy is not that strict, so can attract other types

    rating of Contact Bar (Jeans & Leather)

    1296 Votes