Pompano Beach Gay Cruising Areas

  • Fern Forest Nature Center

    , Pompano Beach

    Crowd: Mix of blue-collar types and business men.

    rating of Fern Forest Nature Center

    2118 Votes

  • Pompano Farmers Market

    , Pompano Beach

    Men's room with where truckers go. Must look like a trucker to fit in.

    rating of Pompano Farmers Market

    3903 Votes

  • 16th Street public beach

    , Pompano Beach

    The public beach can be cruisy during
    the day but gets really active after dark.
    When you arrive at the beach walk north
    to the cruisiest area.

    rating of 16th Street public beach

    2133 Votes

  • Highlands Scrub Natural Park

    4050 N. Dixie Hwy., Pompano Beach

    There are nature trails that you can walk and various wooded areas off the trails.

    rating of Highlands Scrub Natural Park

    1553 Votes

  • Hillsboro Inlet Park

    , Pompano Beach

    ark on South side of the Hillsboro inlet. Nice size parking lot, with great view of mens room if anyone enters. Also a great view of the lighthouse and ocean.
    Crowd: All types. Guys in cars, bikes, ...

    rating of Hillsboro Inlet Park

    1956 Votes

  • The Isle Casino

    Powerline Rd, Pompano Beach

    Hot, cruisey men's room...subtle, but worth waiting for.

    rating of The Isle Casino

    1729 Votes