Portland Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • Peep Hole

    709 SE 122nd Street, Portland

    he voyeur booths really make this place work. The atmosphere is very bright, well-lit and generally not conducive to cruising, except that the place is very clean, the staff is tolerant of extended br ...

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    8844 Votes

  • Fantasy for Adults Only Coronado

    6440 SW Coranado, Portland

    Clean bookstore with two rows of large viewing booths. Two buddy booths. Friendly management.
    Crowd: All types, professional, hotties, 20-40's....fit men!

    rating of Fantasy for Adults Only (Coronado)

    3107 Votes

  • Harts Video

    3rd Avenue, just west of Burnside, downtown., Portland

    ark, kinda sleazy. This place is the best. All the booths have gloryholes and they're all very large, some are big enough to get your head through (the one on your shoulders!) There are also larger ro ...

    rating of Hart's Video

    2116 Votes

  • Paris formerly Jefferson Street Theater

    1232 SW 12th Ave, Portland

    Smutty . You can blow a guy right there in the theater row. Pretty fun. But you can take him to the toilet and him there too.
    Crowd: Young PSU guys. Young guys, old guys, married guys, all guys.

    rating of Paris (formerly Jefferson Street Theater)

    7083 Votes

  • Oregon Theatre

    35th and SE division, Portland

    Movies are boring. It's primarily a cruise joint.
    Crowd: Transvestites, older, general mix, couples on weekends-usually a little kinky. Watersports in the upstairs washroom, etc.

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    9055 Votes

  • Paradise Video

    14712 SE Stark Street, Portland

    Crowd: Mexican guys, white young guys, and trolls.

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    5596 Votes

  • Taboo Video

    2330 SE 82nd Avenue, Portland

    They have added 5 s.
    Crowd: Straight guys and gay guys who like to blow guys
    Facilities: Booth/arcade

    rating of Taboo Video

    5232 Votes

  • Tims Arcade 82nd Ave

    4229 SE 82nd Ave., Portland

    in every booth, and some with 2 holes, all are big enough for and balls, even big enough to through, women frequent. Never a shortage of suckers -- whip it out and put it through a hole.
    Crowd: ...

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    5467 Votes

  • Fantasy Adult Video

    3137 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland

    taff hardly bothers anyone -- got every time I went there by someone cute. 12/01/04 A cruiser reports: This place is perfect for a quickie. You can always find an eager here. Many married/bi guys as ...

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    4931 Votes

  • Tims Hideaway aka Harts SW 3rd

    330 S.W. 3rd, Portland

    arebacking & eating -- these men like to play. I particularly like Sunday mornings around 9.
    Crowd: All types of people -- young/old, suckers/suckees, fuckers/fuckees, cut/uncut, businessmen to st ...

    rating of Tim's Hideaway (a.k.a Harts) SW 3rd

    2448 Votes