Portland Gay Cruising Areas

  • I-205 Bike Path

    , Portland

    reat cruising place for bike riders. Lots of apartments near Clackamas town center that have lots of young guys, straight, bi, and gay, who have a lot of pent-up dicks that need to be taken care of. C ...

    rating of I-205 Bike Path

    2874 Votes

  • Mt Tabor Park

    , Portland

    large variey of action. College guys seem to live in the area, and are looking for an experienced mouth to
    explode in. But all kinds of guys are around and seem interested in serious action {less ...

    rating of Mt. Tabor Park

    3370 Votes

  • Glisan Fred Meyer

    65th and SE Glisan, Portland

    our typical restroom. Some younger guys (quick to ), and experienced guys who can make you 'rock' hard and shoot your load clear across the room (not really, but it feels like it). About 99% is stick ...

    rating of Glisan Fred Meyer

    2614 Votes

  • Collins Beach -- Sauvie Island

    , Portland

    xcellent swimming in the Columbia river and it's a legal nude beach with lots of hot sunbathers. Bring your sunscreen and your bug repelent because of the mosquitos.
    There is a state patrol officer ...

    rating of Collins Beach -- Sauvie Island

    3211 Votes

  • Meier Frank

    621 SW 5th Ave., Portland

    his place is totally sexually charged. It's full of guys who wouldn't be caught dead in the park. Lots of "straight guys" and marrried guys looking for some after work or at lunch. Non stop. Anything ...

    rating of Meier & Frank

    2414 Votes

  • Clackamas Town Center Mall

    South 82nd Avenue & Sunnyside Road, Portland

    The are out of view of most onlookers and there is lots of warning time.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Clackamas Town Center Mall

    2265 Votes

  • Union Train Station

    NW 6th Ave, Portland

    Six stalls facing a row of urinals. Plenty of warning time; mostly private.
    Crowd: local jock/studly types, a few trolls

    rating of Union Train Station

    2191 Votes

  • Fred Meyers Hollywood

    3030 NE Weidler, Portland

    The place is tiled in black and you can see the reflection of the person next to you! Lean back to make eye contact!
    Crowd: Everyone.

    rating of Fred Meyer's Hollywood

    1520 Votes

  • Laurelhurst Park

    , Portland

    Take the wooded trail to the west of the restrooms on Ankeny Street.
    Crowd: All types.

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    1692 Votes

  • Portland MAX - Subway

    , Portland

    ooking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the subway or light rail rapid transit, it is becoming a huge trend to r ...

    rating of Portland MAX - Subway

    2215 Votes