Portsmouth Gay Cruising Areas

  • Wooton Street

    Wooton Street , Portsmouth

    Six private cubicles, all with partitions well up at bottom, enough to allow slim man to pass under. I have rarely had to wait long, if at all, to make contact either at stalls or in cubicles. Police ...

    rating of Wooton Street
  • Debenhams Southsea

    Main Shopping Street , Portsmouth

    Mens changing room on ground floor of Debenhams in Southsea. Loads of guys getting changed - leave your curtain half open and see what happens - had some good fun after meeting guys here.
    Crowd: Lo ...

    rating of Debenhams Southsea
  • Hilsea Lines

    London Road. , Portsmouth

    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Hilsea Lines
  • St Johns Park

    , Portsmouth

    Crowd: Straights, chavs, older guys & young preppies.

    rating of St John's Park
  • Safeways Carpark Loos

    Opposite Main Post Office , Portsmouth

    No s but enough room to get a hand under.
    Crowd: Nice young lads most of the time that work in the local shops.

    rating of Safeways Carpark Loo's
  • Cowplain Centre near Portsmouth

    Durley Avenue , Portsmouth

    3 urinals and 2 cubicles
    Crowd: Very varied

    rating of Cowplain Centre near Portsmouth
  • Fort Nelson

    , Portsmouth

    You can find people will play either by sitting in your car and flashing internal light or getting out to have a look.
    At Widley in the summer walk along the path at back and dive into the bushes ...

    rating of Fort Nelson
  • Dunes near Sinah Warren

    Hayling Island Dunes , Portsmouth

    Unoffical nude beach, some action in dunes. Not that busy.
    Crowd: Various

    rating of Dunes near Sinah Warren
  • Southsea Castle

    , Portsmouth

    Crowd: Students, older guys.

    rating of Southsea Castle
  • Eastney Nude Beach

    , Portsmouth

    Swimming OK, lots of nude guys.
    Crowd: Students, locals of mixed ages.

    rating of Eastney Nude Beach