Portsmouth Gay Cruising Areas

  • Dunes near Sinah Warren

    Hayling Island Dunes, Portsmouth

    Unoffical nude beach, some action in dunes. Not that busy.
    Crowd: Various

    rating of Dunes near Sinah Warren

    1887 Votes

  • Wooton Street

    Wooton Street, Portsmouth

    ix private cubicles, all with partitions well up at bottom, enough to allow slim man to pass under. I have rarely had to wait long, if at all, to make contact either at stalls or in cubicles. Police s ...

    rating of Wooton Street

    2148 Votes

  • Fort Nelson

    , Portsmouth

    ou can find people will play either by sitting in your car and flashing internal light or getting out to have a look.
    At Widley in the summer walk along the path at back and dive into the bushes - ...

    rating of Fort Nelson

    4257 Votes

  • Southsea Castle

    , Portsmouth

    Crowd: Students, older guys.

    rating of Southsea Castle

    3733 Votes

  • Eastney Beach Huts

    next to swimming pool, Portsmouth

    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Eastney Beach Huts

    3056 Votes

  • Drayton loos

    Lower Drayton Lane, Portsmouth

    Wait in loos someone will be in for fun.
    Crowd: Various.

    rating of Drayton loos

    2246 Votes

  • Eastney Nude Beach

    , Portsmouth

    Swimming OK, lots of nude guys.
    Crowd: Students, locals of mixed ages.

    rating of Eastney Nude Beach

    3233 Votes

  • Castle Fields

    Near Southsea Castle, Portsmouth

    Lots of people turn up here and park outside the toilet. Lots of action in the toilets, wanking, sucking and by all types of guys. Some young, many old!
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of Castle Fields

    2149 Votes

  • Cowplain Centre near Portsmouth

    Durley Avenue, Portsmouth

    3 urinals and 2 cubicles
    Crowd: Very varied

    rating of Cowplain Centre near Portsmouth

    2155 Votes

  • American Bar Cottage

    Near Fish Market, Portsmouth

    ottage is not used much by non-gay apart from the fishermen.
    Crowd: Most types, had some real young types from the local 6th form. Also near the University so lots of students. The odd oldie vists ...

    rating of American Bar Cottage

    6443 Votes