Princeton Gay Cruising Areas

  • Princeton University Firestone library

    1 Washington Road, Princeton

    en rest room. A level.
    Three stalls with holes to look at neighbours' dicks
    Four urinals (no partition)
    Double doors

    Membership is needed. But students, professors, etc. from elsewher ...

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  • Battlefield Park

    Mercer Road, Princeton

    tate Park with two very open fields. The battlefield also have a running path so there's a place for discreet encounters. Action occurs in the running paths as well as far deep in either battlefield. ...

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  • Forrestal Village

    Route 1, Princeton

    The restroom by the food court is very cruisy. It is often too busy for activity, but a good place to hook up.
    Crowd: White collar and younger shoppers. ***br***

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  • Herrontown Woods

    , Princeton

    his is a quiet park, with its share of regular hot guys as well as some trolls. Everyone preety much respects your privacy. I am 29 and usually find someone around my age/stats every time I visit.

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  • Princeton University Fine Hall Math Building

    Washington Road, Princeton

    f your in a let the guy in next here you then you know for sure its cool.
    Crowd: University Students - If a troll or old guy walks in they know they are not wanted. Its a younger environment and ...

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