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  • AVN Adult Video News

    255 Allens Ave, Providence

    his place is an adult bookstore with all of the trimmings. Nice selection of video (gay, bi and straight), dvd, toys etc. This is all great, but the real fun is out back.

    In the back there is ...

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  • Amazing Express

    15 Thurbers Avenue, Providence

    Nice place to bust a nut if your in a hurry! Couple of trolls once in a while, no different from anywhere else though.
    Crowd: Married,BI,Gay,Couples

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  • Flixxx

    257 Allens Ave, Providence

    his place barely qualifies as an adult video store. There are very few videos (in comparison to other stores). The real attraction is the booths. It is dimly lit, and the booths are arranged in a semi ...

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  • Amazing For Men

    262 Charles Street, Providence

    our basic adult shop upstairs, with lots of straight stuff, but the basement has an arcade that seems to be nearly all gay. I have had a great time every time I have come here.
    Crowd: Cute young gu ...

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  • Video Expo

    75 Empire Street (second floor), Providence

    lace is gay friendly and kept very clean. Booths are almost always in use. Large booths in back give plenty of room for fun. Lots of construction types looking for head. Very hot.
    Crowd: Constructi ...

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