Puerto Vallarta Gay Bars Clubs

  • Frida Bar

    361 Lazaro Cardenas, Puerto Vallarta

    mall place, fun atmosphere. Owner Tom is from Vancouver Canada. He will be happy to tell you what's happening in town.
    Crowd: Mixed group. Mainly gay. Lots of older Gringo's and the men who like th ...

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    617 Votes

  • Club Manana

    Venustiano Carranza #290, Puerto Vallarta

    pen air bar with swimming pool, outdoor fireplace with sitting area, separate indoor dance floor. Different shows all night with dancers, drag show and strippers.
    Crowd: Gay tourists and gay locals ...

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    615 Votes

  • Bar Los Amigos

    239 V. Carranza, Puerto Vallarta

    ust next to Paco Paco, Balconies and Why Not. If you're alone, sit next to the bar and Arturo will set you up (if you just ask). There's a patio filled with young and middle-aged Latinos.
    Crowd: Lo ...

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    1388 Votes

  • Ritmos Beach Cafe formerly Green Chairs

    , Puerto Vallarta

    reat place to sit and watch or get some action. Beach chairs under palapa umbrellas with cute waiters. Some older and a mixed crowd at times. All very friendly. See Pepe for a very friendly massage. D ...

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    717 Votes

  • Vallarta Cora Hotel

    Pilitas 174, Puerto Vallarta

    he Cora is a men only,
    where anything is permited and everything can go on. A super friendly place, the people are very nice, the guests as well as the staff.
    Crowd: People leave the beach early ...

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    2012 Votes

  • Plasma Bar

    Pino Suarez near Paco Paco, Puerto Vallarta

    ack hallway is like a maze with a room and toilet . Lots of sucking and jacking off. Even rimming and some . Beers are $25 pesos. Some of the bar is non-smoking and there is a smoking room off to th ...

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    1691 Votes

  • Paco Paco

    Ignacio L. Vallarta St, Puerto Vallarta

    arge gay disco, daily stripper show featuring amazingly beautiful strippers, drag show at 1 am, nightly.
    Open air terrace available. Disco floor is jammed packed on weekends.

    Crowd: Local ...

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    1083 Votes

  • Antropology

    101 Morelos, Puerto Vallarta

    Fun atmosphere, but people are there for the strip show. Hottest strippers in town!
    Crowd: Mainly tourists

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    606 Votes

  • Bar Terraza Colonial

    367 Guatelama, Puerto Vallarta

    I am told that many local "straight" men go there....Of course they know it is a gay bar.
    Crowd: Locals.

    rating of Bar Terraza Colonial

    522 Votes

  • Garbo

    Pulpito 142, Puerto Vallarta

    his small, cozy club is gay friendly, but not exclusively gay, and features great recorded music and occasional live music on weekends. It's open daily from 6pm to 2am and is air-conditioned.

    Loc ...

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    880 Votes

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