Queens Gay Cruising Areas

  • Queens Center Mall

    Queens Blvd and Woodhaven, Queens

    L-shaped bathroom, sinks first, urinals and stalls down long hall on right.
    hand-jobs, blow-jobs, at urinals or in stalls, some just watching and wacking.
    Crowd: All ages & races.

    rating of Queens Center Mall

    3359 Votes

  • Expo Design

    73 01 25th Avenue BQE service road near Astoria Blvd, Queens

    Has awesome stalls, full height (floor to ceiling) doors...like a mini room.
    Crowd: Mostly married guys

    rating of Expo Design

    2318 Votes

  • Cunningham Park

    , Queens

    Crowd: mainly white married men seeking to get blown by non-white men

    rating of Cunningham Park

    2999 Votes

  • Forest Park

    , Queens

    've have been there everytime got my and a lot of loads; it doesn't matter where you go there is always someone there to play.
    Update on directions: Just take the E or F train to Kew Gardens, Un ...

    rating of Forest Park

    5823 Votes

  • Jacob Riis Beach

    , Queens

    A really fun day in the sun is to be had here.
    Crowd: All walks of life, all ages, a real city beach.

    rating of Jacob Riis Beach

    2841 Votes

  • Queens College

    65-30 Kissena BLVD. Flushing NY, Queens

    pdate 8/12/2008: They redid the bathroom. just checked it out today. Much better. Urinals are way out of site from the entrance. Plenty of time to hide what you are doing. There is a big mirror behind ...

    rating of Queens College

    2059 Votes

  • Jamaica Center Train Station

    Jamaica Center Stop, Queens

    Cruisy restroom. Not to big, 3 stalls, but lots of hot black there.
    Crowd: Businessmen, college students, mostly black and hispanic.

    rating of Jamaica Center Train Station

    2115 Votes

  • Astoria Park

    , Queens

    here are three areas people go after meeting; to the parking lot under the Triboro bridge, under the Hellsgate bridge, or the shaded areas around the pool entrance. On top of the pool entrance there a ...

    rating of Astoria Park

    2927 Votes

  • Jacob Riis Park formerly Rise Park

    Rockaway, Queens, Queens

    Part of Gateway National Recreation Area.
    Crowd: Gays.

    rating of Jacob Riis Park (formerly Rise Park)

    3180 Votes

  • 71-Continental Train station

    Continental Ave/F,E,R trains, Queens

    Hot young latinos, college guys.
    Crowd: They just cleaned and reopened this bathroom that has been a very active place. A lot of hot action in the bathroom on mezanine level.

    rating of 71-Continental Train station

    2000 Votes

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