Quezon City Gay Bars Clubs

  • Gigolo Bar

    Timog Avenue, Quezon City

    his is a Macho Dancing Bar. They are filipino bars where primarily str8 guys dance in skimpy shorts and nothing else. You can take them home for the cost of a "bar fine" of 1,600 PhP ($32). Your beer ...

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  • Palawan 2 Disco Bar

    Yale St., Quezon City

    t's a gay bar with a drag show every night except Wednesdays. Show starts around 12:30. Wednesdays is singalong karaoke night with gay hosts insulting each other and their guests to for some laughs. T ...

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  • Palawan 3

    Yale Street just off Aurora, Quezon City

    his is one of three Palawan named gay clubs in Cubao. They are Palawan 1, 2 and 3. They are among the largest gay clubs in Manila area and are crowded. Gays come from all metro area to go to these blu ...

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  • Makisig Bar

    89 Timog Avenue, Quezon City

    his is one of the many Macho Dancing bars in the greater Manila area. it is a bit smaller but nicer than many others. On any night this one has about 30 boys dancing and stripping. Most of the guys ar ...

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