Richmond Gay Cruising Areas

  • Virgiinia Commonwealth University James Branch Cabell Library Basement

    901 Park Ave, Richmond

    Basic bathroom with a lot of s; Vcu knew what was going on, they took the door of of the second to last .
    Crowd: College guys.

    rating of Virgiinia Commonwealth University James Branch Cabell Library Basement

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  • James River north bank

    , Richmond

    lay in the water. You can , , whatever in the river or on the rocks. Others love to watch, so don't be shy.
    Watch for poison plants on the path. Wear long pants to get there then strip down to noth ...

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  • Great Shiplock Park

    Canal at Pear, Richmond

    ot a devoloped park. Lots of natural over-grown paths and forest areas. Shielded from river and far from parking areas, separated from land area by canal & train tracks.
    Crowd: All ages. Lots of up ...

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  • Shops at Willow Lawn Food Court

    1601 Willow Lawn Dr,, Richmond

    No gloryholes, but a lot of action. Been blown a couple of times. A lot of guys that like to watch. Door is loud, plenty of time to get off your knees.

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  • Dutch Gap Boat Landing south

    , Richmond

    est to make eye contact in parking area, or nonchalantly rub your crotch, then follow path to Henricus Park. Lots of other wooded paths off of the beaten track. Watch to see if your prospect is follow ...

    rating of Dutch Gap Boat Landing  (south)

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  • Virginia Commonwealth University Grace E Harris Hallformerly VCU Business building 3rd floor

    Business building, academic campus VCU, Richmond

    ruiser adds 2/11/2009: Odd mirror gone, bldg and restrooms redone with higher walls between stalls. Also evening check out the 4th floor it is under renovation but has been the scene of some action. B ...

    rating of Virginia Commonwealth University Grace E. Harris Hall,(formerly V.C.U. Business building, 3rd floor)

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  • Virginia Commonwealth University Hibbs Building

    900 Park Ave., Richmond

    Jack offs and orals. Last big enough for more than one person. Have fun...I did!
    Crowd: Frequented mostly by college boys wanting to get off.

    rating of Virginia Commonwealth University Hibbs Building

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  • Byrd Park and Beyond

    , Richmond

    yrd Park cruising starts on the lawn, by the water fountain, across from the tennis courts. Guys will lay out for tanning during the weekends. Second spot is the Dogwood Dell area, on both the front a ...

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  • Regency Square Mall

    1404 N Parham Road, Richmond

    he cubicles are very private, due to the way bathroom is set up. Outer door is noisy, giving you plenty of time. In a secluded area of the mall, on the upper floor (2nd). It is located down a long hal ...

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  • Regency Square Sears

    1404 N Parham Rd, Richmond

    Undivided urinals, so it's easy to show yourself and see others. The first two stalls have a big between them.
    Crowd: All types

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