Roanoke Gay Cruising Areas

  • Valley View Mall Downstairs Bathroom Next to Sears

    Valley View Blvd, Roanoke

    his is a public bathroom, so u have to be careful. The best way to get another guys attention is to go into a and sit down. most likely, if a guy is interested, he will come beside your and sit down ...

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  • Highland Park

    , Roanoke

    ice park, quiet and somewhat secluded. There are several trees and certain areas where one could hide without being noticed. Most guys come there to talk, and go elsewhere to have fun.
    Crowd: Varie ...

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  • Blue Ridge Parkway Stewarts Parking Overlook

    Mile Marker 111 on the right going north, Roanoke

    This overlook is above the main road with a trail up the mountain.
    Crowd: older guys mostly,, some in 30's

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  • Valley View Mall JC Penney

    4802 Valley View Blvd., NW, Roanoke

    s. Editor says: 'Has any of you guys ever been there? Can you tell us more about this place? We're all and waiting!'
    Crowd: All ages and very active...lots of middle-aged dudes.

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  • Wasena Park

    , Roanoke

    ditor says: 'Two years ago, 18 men were arrested here due to a police sting operation. Ten were sentenced to what could have been a year in prison, a $1,000 fine and a 5-year ban from the park, for so ...

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  • Crossroads Mall Bathrooms

    5002 Airport Rd NW, Roanoke

    Public bathrooms. There are only one set of public restrooms in the mall.

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  • Rivers Edge Park

    Wiley Drive, Roanoke

    Bathroom, open year round.

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  • Roanoke River Overlook - Blue Ridge Parkway

    Milepost 120.3, Roanoke

    his is a scenic road over Roanoke Mountain (milepost 120.3) and is a 4-mile one-way loop road. Once at the top, there are numerous hiking trails you can go off on for a little fun. It is obvious which ...

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