Rockhampton Gay Cruising Areas

  • Mulambin Beach Capricorn Coast Central Queensland

    Mulambin Beach, south of Yeppoon. , Rockhampton

    Theres a carpark and a walkway down to the beach through a grove of trees. Great location to swim or cruise. On the beach there are a few caves at the southern end, great for action 24/7. Sit in car o ...

    rating of Mulambin Beach, Capricorn Coast Central Queensland
  • Kershaw Gardens

    , Rockhampton

    Male toilets have a long and one cubicle. Hit and miss but you will know if someone is cruising.
    Crowd: Varied, travellers.

    rating of Kershaw Gardens
  • Port Curtis Rd

    Port Curtis Rd , Rockhampton

    Open area to park your car meet other cruisers, very dark no lighting no houses.Very discreet.

    rating of Port Curtis Rd
  • Central Park

    , Rockhampton

    Cruisiest area around the fountain with coloured lights (very camp).. then off to the bushes or your hotel.
    Crowd: Mix - Young hotties, Bi-married, Blokes up on business

    rating of Central Park
  • Ramsay Creek Rest Area

    , Rockhampton

    Genuine Rest Area. So there are Genuine "travelers" stopping to use the toilets & "have a cup of tea from the thermos"!!
    Crowd: Wide range. Most pretty closeted & pretty shy & easily scared off!

    rating of Ramsay Creek Rest Area
  • Kemp Beach

    Between Yeppoon and Emu Park , Rockhampton

    Nice and secluded.
    Crowd: Same mixed crowd, some hot surfies down there though.

    rating of Kemp Beach
  • Ski Gardens

    Ramsden Street South Rocky, Fitaroy River Barrage , Rockhampton

    pic update: This is one of the places that people park at this beat.

    Open park with toilet block, one cubicle and .
    Crowd: All types,***br***young, old (lots of oldies)***br***tradies, suits ...

    rating of Ski Gardens
  • Sale Yards Park

    , Rockhampton

    Large football field with toilet block to the back right hand side.
    Crowd: It's a football field, so alot of straight fellas.

    rating of Sale Yards Park
  • Rainbow Fountain Central Park

    , Rockhampton

    Rainbow Fountain, in the middle of Central Park.
    Crowd: all sorts.

    rating of Rainbow Fountain, Central Park
  • Mount Morgan Dam

    Byrnes pde , Rockhampton

    There is a picnic area with two toilet blocks the one closest to the dam wall is the beat.

    rating of Mount Morgan Dam