I-5 Rest Area

Is This Your Business?

Dirty at night, mosquitos and moths in warm weather, freezing in winter, but hasn't stopped me yet. A long time ago you could park under trees on grass at far end of rest area and have in car, but CHP's have caught on.
Crowd: All types.

From Sac: I-5 north (pass Sac International Airport), exit Elkhorn Blvd right (just over bridge), turn right, go under freeway towards I-5 South, drive over bridge again in opp. direction, rest area on other end of bridge.
Cross street: I-5 South, north of Sacramento
  • Crowd:All types.
  • Hours:Early morning, and after 10 pm. Cleaning troops during midday (too risky).
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Park at far end of parking lot and walk to bathroom. This facilitates cruising to those in cars, and it keeps your car away from camera's vision.
    Cruisiest Spots: Bathroom stalls.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:Gross truckers.
whos coming to I-5 Rest Area

    Commented on 3/29/2014 11:29:10 AM

  • anyone wanting to play tonight

    Commented on 5/14/2009 6:49:37 AM

  • I want to please a hot trucker in his cab. any time after 9.

    Commented on 4/22/2009 8:46:35 AM

  • was thinking about going out there tonight

    Commented on 4/22/2009 7:40:02 AM

  • mmmm slider...i love your pic

    Commented on 4/13/2009 4:32:24 AM

  • Be careful. Looks like undercovers are hangin out...

    Commented on 3/31/2009 10:27:50 AM

  • just wandering if any body be there tonight i might be wearing my panty hose

    Commented on 3/27/2009 7:24:10 AM

  • Going to be there today sometime around 3PM-4PM

    Commented on 3/24/2009 10:53:05 AM

  • Anyone going here tonight around 9pm?

    Commented on 3/23/2009 7:29:39 AM

  • ill be there tonight

    Commented on 3/11/2009 7:58:09 AM

  • anyone going there this week

    Commented on 3/9/2009 12:59:38 PM

  • I was there yesterday and it was open and kicking, may go down tonight

    Commented on 3/5/2009 3:42:25 AM

  • Went by there recently and it was closed off to traffic. Anyone know if it is open again?

    Commented on 3/3/2009 7:02:56 AM

  • Hot place tongiht

    Commented on 2/26/2009 1:12:15 AM

  • Anyone going to be there around 9:30 tonight.

    Commented on 2/18/2009 12:36:25 PM

  • Anyone going tonight

    Commented on 2/8/2009 6:55:41 AM

  • will be around tonight

    Commented on 2/6/2009 9:19:03 AM

  • yup...around 930/10 ish. what time will you be there? what you wearing?

    Commented on 1/22/2009 10:36:25 AM

  • anyone going tonight?

    Commented on 1/22/2009 8:35:52 AM

  • will be going tonight, all loads taken given
    i dont waste anything

    Commented on 1/9/2009 9:53:59 AM

  • love to play here - anyone up for friday night ? contact me on here if you do

    Commented on 1/8/2009 9:35:09 AM

  • Will be there from 8p til 10pm looking to be fed some loads

    Commented on 1/5/2009 11:16:30 AM

  • Cado6Sex,,,Lets chat..I know of other areas to meet

    Commented on 1/4/2009 6:57:09 AM

  • Anyone going out here today/tonight

    Commented on 1/3/2009 7:58:23 AM

  • Anyone going tonight ? will be willing to go if anyone wants to meet up

    Commented on 12/31/2008 11:08:03 AM

  • If anyone is interested in going there anytime today or tomorrow, let me know. Also willing to meet in other areas if you make suggestions .....

    Commented on 12/29/2008 6:44:59 AM

  • anyone going to be there tonight i will have my pantyhose on

    Commented on 12/22/2008 6:34:14 AM

  • COPS were there arresting someone in a camper last night. be careful fellas....

    Commented on 11/5/2008 8:36:11 AM

  • It's always been my fantasy to be there and a hot in shape muscular trucker comes and invites me to his cab. then he does naughty things with me. I almost got it the other night, but I was too late, he had to go.

    Who wants to fulfill my fantasy?

    Commented on 11/1/2008 3:25:36 AM

  • Love this place when traveling i5.
    Met up with some truckers on occasion. Good place to meat and take the action somewhere else. met a guy in his camper once. That was HOT!

    If your on 99, try the Elk Horn exit Park and Ride exit Elk Horn and go west towards the airport.. Sometimes guys are there siting in their cars.
    Kind of a hit and miss.

    Commented on 10/30/2008 4:26:29 AM

  • I went there Monday night, and there was this skinny white or latino guy there around 10:30 or 10:45. He had a black cap on and a tattoo on is lower calf. He is hot. He waited around and then left, and some guy in a truck followed him. When I left, it was too late to exit, but I saw their vehicles parked on the next exit....hot. i wish i would have said something. i had a green jacket on.

    Commented on 10/29/2008 3:22:59 AM

  • Was there but didn't see any takers

    Commented on 10/29/2008 1:42:21 AM

  • I am going there later tonight. Anyone gonna be there. It will probably be late...

    Commented on 10/23/2008 9:29:13 AM

  • Junior, you emailed me. Hit me back on cruise. Time and place.

    Commented on 10/4/2008 7:00:18 AM

  • i was just there , but it was dirty and smelly , there was one guy with a white shirt on that i would have liked to meet though, but there were alot of trucks there so i got back in my pickup and left

    can someone tell me how this place works?

    Commented on 9/24/2008 10:41:42 AM

  • Heading up the 5 from Southern Cal on Friday and looking for tops to service along the way...

    Commented on 9/19/2008 5:42:19 AM

  • will be there today about 7 to 10 pm

    Commented on 9/18/2008 6:16:13 AM

  • Will be in Sacramento week of 15th. Looking for morning action at the rest stop. Anyone head there during morning hours?

    Commented on 9/11/2008 7:35:15 AM