Sacramento Gay Cruising Areas

  • N 10th Street Beach

    , Sacramento

    ecluded place. no park, just down by the river. Some homeless can occasionally be found. (Editor: listings for this place go back to the Paleolithic era!)
    Crowd: All kinds, young, old, big variety. ...

    rating of N. 10th Street Beach

    3787 Votes

  • Auburn Ravine - American River

    , Sacramento

    his place is awesome. It's a beautiful river canyon totally protected from outsiders. Swimming is popular, though the water is cool. All men, and virtually all are naked. Open is common and perfectly ...

    rating of Auburn Ravine - American River

    3974 Votes

  • Adult Bookstore

    , Sacramento

    ot place for checking out guys, for quick action. Great blow job possibilites here. Some guys live near by, for safe haven hot ing. Great place to hook up with a new buddy.
    Crowd: Married, bi, s ...

    rating of Adult Bookstore

    4194 Votes

  • Arden Fair Mall-UA Theatre-back

    1689 Arden Way, Sacramento

    ll s have peep holes. The first one has a built-in toilet paper holder in the wall that isn't used and is missing pieces, forming two perfect size s or should I say squares. Perfect for sucking or .< ...

    rating of Arden Fair Mall-UA Theatre-back

    4812 Votes

  • State Treasurers Building Rest

    Directly west of Capitol Building, Sacramento

    hey recently took off 2 of the doors. Best idea is to tap your foot when you re in a or at -- you might want to take your action offsite after you meet a guy.
    Crowd: Suits, downtown dudes looking ...

    rating of State Treasurer's Building Rest

    1402 Votes

  • Sacramento Marina

    2710 Ramp Way, Sacramento

    Lots of car to car showing, very private, if you're watching you cn see cars coming minutes away.
    Crowd: Downtown workers, retired men, students etc.

    rating of Sacramento Marina

    2075 Votes

  • Del Paso Park

    , Sacramento

    Stay on the side where the houses are. The cops stop on Auburn Blvd and walk in.
    Crowd: Older and married men and guys just coming out.

    rating of Del Paso Park

    3001 Votes

  • Sacramento State College Library

    , Sacramento

    Very active college spot.
    Crowd: College guys.

    rating of Sacramento State College Library

    1696 Votes

  • The Riverside

    , Sacramento

    iver access to wash up after a long hard day of or sucking . Privacy in the bushes. No cops or rangers...Another serious cruiser adds: 'Guys range from college studs to older, but fit gentlemen. The ...

    rating of The Riverside

    2109 Votes

  • Jesse Unruh Office Bldg

    Near the Capital building, Sacramento

    rating of Jesse Unruh Office Bldg.

    1346 Votes