Salt Lake City Gay Cruising Areas

  • Memory Grove Park

    , Salt Lake City

    n the shadow of the temple, Memory Grove Park provides a place to cruise the locals. Don't expect any prudes. Going in is easy, all downhill. Coming out is another story. Let's just say your legs will ...

    rating of Memory Grove Park

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  • Oxbow Park

    3300 South 1100 West., Salt Lake City

    eekends and early evenings are best for the working set. Hot action up river and in north of park. Restroom gets too risky.
    Crowd: Many types of individuals stop here. All walks of life. Gay, strai ...

    rating of Oxbow Park

    3926 Votes

  • Jordan Park

    900 West and 900 South, Salt Lake City

    Park in the lot adjacent to the park toilets. The park is full of footpaths, bike trails, trees and bushes. Explore!

    rating of Jordan Park

    3491 Votes

  • Harmony Park

    , Salt Lake City

    I've had several great times here. Get and give a blow job in the restrooms or the car. Nice place.
    Crowd: Mostly 30's and older.

    rating of Harmony Park

    2396 Votes

  • Raging Waters Parking Lot

    1700 South 1200 West, Salt Lake City

    was there for an hour and 5 nice . The youngest was about 25 and the oldest was in his sixties. It was one of the hottest places I have been in Salt Lake City. There is also a park across the street ...

    rating of Raging Waters Parking Lot

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  • Salt Lake Community College Redwood Campus

    4600 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City

    mall holes inbetween some s. one looks our from the to the s. usually a guy is in the and one at the stroking - then people get busy. Some foot tapping action between s too. Lots of BJ & hand-Jobs ...

    rating of Salt Lake Community College: Redwood Campus

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  • Orson Spencer Hall

    University of Utah Campus, Salt Lake City

    t least 2 restrooms with action. Second floor near auditorium: 5-6 stalls; 3 with peepholes. One peephole has been enlarged enough to be a glory-hole, but only if you are tall and have a small to aver ...

    rating of Orson Spencer Hall

    4087 Votes

  • Murray Park

    5100 South State Street, Salt Lake City

    Hang out in your car and wait for someone cute to go in. The bathroom can get really cruisy. Lots of action in the stalls.
    Crowd: Business men, college guys.

    rating of Murray Park

    1921 Votes

  • Fairmont Park

    , Salt Lake City

    hen Sugar House Park closes, this place gets swarmed with hot guys looking for a little action. Wander around the east side of the pond or hang out in your car in the southeast parking lot. You're bou ...

    rating of Fairmont Park

    3794 Votes

  • West Valley City Park

    , Salt Lake City

    ots of guys in their cars and on park benches just 'hanging out'...looking for ! Most of the action goes on in the forested area for privacy, or the public washroom.
    Crowd: Businessmen on their way ...

    rating of West Valley City Park

    1946 Votes