Salt Lake City Gay Cruising Areas

  • Union Pacific Train Station at Gateway

    10 North 400 West , Salt Lake City

    Crowd: Business men, Skateboarders, LDS guys.

    rating of Union Pacific Train Station at Gateway
  • Exit 111 7200 West I-80

    Exit 111 7200 West I-80 , Salt Lake City

    Gravel road and desolate area.
    Crowd: All types of guys who want to play.

    rating of Exit 111 7200 West I-80
  • Harmony Park

    , Salt Lake City

    I've had several great times here. Get and give a blow job in the restrooms or the car. Nice place.
    Crowd: Mostly 30's and older.

    rating of Harmony Park
  • Sugarhouse Park

    , Salt Lake City

    the street that winds through is one-way. so you eventually work your way out. you can re-enter the park by turning left when you exit and then taking the next left.
    Crowd: students, blue/white col ...

    rating of Sugarhouse Park
  • Murray Park

    5100 South State Street , Salt Lake City

    Hang out in your car and wait for someone cute to go in. The bathroom can get really cruisy. Lots of action in the stalls.
    Crowd: Business men, college guys.

    rating of Murray Park
  • Fairmont Park

    , Salt Lake City

    When Sugar House Park closes, this place gets swarmed with hot guys looking for a little action. Wander around the east side of the pond or hang out in your car in the southeast parking lot. You're bo ...

    rating of Fairmont Park
  • Orson Spencer Hall

    University of Utah Campus , Salt Lake City

    At least 2 restrooms with action. Second floor near auditorium: 5-6 stalls; 3 with peepholes. One peephole has been enlarged enough to be a glory-hole, but only if you are tall and have a small to ave ...

    rating of Orson Spencer Hall
  • Salt Lake Community College Redwood Campus

    4600 South Redwood Road , Salt Lake City

    Small holes inbetween some s. one looks our from the to the s. usually a guy is in the and one at the stroking - then people get busy. Some foot tapping action between s too. Lots of BJ & hand-Jobs ...

    rating of Salt Lake Community College: Redwood Campus
  • Salt Lake Community College South City Campus

    1575 S. State St. , Salt Lake City

    There is a hole in the last big enough to see through. Had a hot bj under the
    Crowd: students

    rating of Salt Lake Community College South City Campus
  • Cottonwood Mall

    4835 South Highland Drive , Salt Lake City

    Upstairs restroom, peep hole between stalls. Good weekday mornings and early afternoon. Private during the early morning weekdays.
    Crowd: All kinds

    rating of Cottonwood Mall