Heart of the Castro Wedding Chapel


4052 18th Street

415-626-PRIDE or 415-626-7743

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Heart of the Castro is an urban wedding chapel and event space located in San Francisco's Castro district. Opened in June of 2008 to celebrate the California Supreme Court's decision to legalize gay marriage, it became a destination for couples from all over the world to celebrate marriage equality by exchanging their vows. Over 60 gay and straight couples have already chosen Heart of the Castro as the location for their full-service urban wedding.

Unfortunately, voters in California passed Proposition 8 on November 4th which made same- marriage illegal in the state. The Supreme Court is currently hearing lawsuits which could result in Proposition 8 being declared unconstitutional and therefore being repealed. We have hope that the court will rule on the side of equal rights as they did in May of 2008, and we would love to stay open until then so we can continue to marry any couple who loves each other, regardless of gender.
We are calling on the LGBT community and straight allies to help keep Heart of the Castro around while the court decides the fate of Prop 8. If you are an opposite-gendered couple looking to get married and you support marriage equality, please consider having your wedding at Heart of the Castro. If you are a local LGBT group looking for a meeting or event space, please consider us as well..
We are also asking for help from individuals or corporations looking to donate to help support a small business promoting LGBT rights and marriage equality.

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