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Is This Your Business?

Vamos Colombia Tour, LLC, is a U.S.-based company with a unique way of introducing Colombia to our guests -- through personalized tours. We treat you as our special friend, sharing with you the best that Colombia has to offer.

Our personalized tours cater to your specific needs and interests, like sports and recreation activities, shopping, cultural activities and others. We take small groups from 2 to 16 people. Our guests stay in carefully chosen hotels, in one of three categories according to the choice of each guest: folkloric, boutique and luxury. We select and hire local bilingual guides who know the specific areas that we visit. We use reliable transportation, including air flights between cities on the well known Colombian airline Avianca. Within the cities and regions, we use comfortable cars or vans depending on the size of the group. We provide a full schedule of events for those who like to be busy all the time, we provide alternate options for relaxation if you so prefer.

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