Santa Cruz Gay Cruising Areas

  • Laguna Creek Beach

    , Santa Cruz

    The water's too cold, and there are no lifeguards.
    Crowd: Gay men

    rating of Laguna Creek Beach

    3214 Votes

  • Panther Beach

    , Santa Cruz

    Not a popular/known beach, so not very crowded during the week. Just lay on your towel, get stiff and you'll soon make a friend.
    Crowd: UCSC students and younger locals

    rating of Panther Beach

    2219 Votes

  • Vista Point

    Scenic Lookout off Highway 1, Santa Cruz

    he parking lot and nearby area is very cruisy. Most of the action occurs up the slope at the top. As it gets darker, the action gets heavier.
    Update: The trails are no
    longer available and have ...

    rating of Vista Point

    2480 Votes

  • Bonny Doon Beach

    , Santa Cruz

    Quite relaxed and friendly. Great waves, but can be hazardous for swimming.
    Crowd: Mixed gay/straight.

    rating of Bonny Doon Beach

    1639 Votes

  • Red Whites Blue Beach

    , Santa Cruz

    You can also camp here.
    Crowd: A few gay men. But not enough. Let's try and change that.

    rating of Red Whites & Blue Beach

    1222 Votes

  • Trestle Beach

    , Santa Cruz

    Clothed beaches not far, so cruising has to be quite covert.
    Crowd: Nude part is mostly gay men.

    rating of Trestle Beach

    1431 Votes

  • 2222 Beach

    , Santa Cruz

    Mixed gay and straight. Small crowd, but quaint.

    rating of 2222 Beach

    1608 Votes

  • Lighthouse Field

    across from the lighthouse on west cliff drive, Santa Cruz

    Crowd: All kinds.

    rating of Lighthouse Field

    1571 Votes

  • San Lorenzo Park

    , Santa Cruz

    The park is active day and night. In summer the foliage provides lots of cover for activity.

    rating of San Lorenzo Park

    1679 Votes

  • Scott Creek Beach

    , Santa Cruz

    ude sunbathers and suited swimmers and surfers mix it up in a genial way at beautiful Scott Creek Beach, which features a lagoon and a large stream in the middle of the sand most of the year. Bring a ...

    rating of Scott Creek Beach

    1214 Votes

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