Santa Fe Gay Cruising Areas

  • Home Depot Richards Avenue

    952 Richards Avenue, Santa Fe

    Large restroom see a lot of action. The urinals are not conducive as they have dividers and are close to the entrance.

    rating of Home Depot, Richards Avenue

    1324 Votes

  • De Vargas Mall

    195 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe

    Lots of men go there to jack off and get blow jobs.
    Crowd: Everyone Gay Bi Straight Tourists.

    rating of De Vargas Mall

    1748 Votes

  • Dale Ball Trails

    Top of Upper Canyon Road where it turns into Cerro Cordo, Santa Fe

    Lots of flashing and invites

    rating of Dale Ball Trails

    1437 Votes

  • Pecos Trail Inn

    2239 Old Pecos TRL, Santa Fe, NM, Santa Fe

    Single Bathroom, Lots of Room. Door Locks from the inside.
    Crowd: Seen 20's, 30's, 40's 50 year olds here.

    rating of Pecos Trail Inn

    1947 Votes

  • The Arcade At Santa Fe

    Down town Santa Fe. Go to the elavator by the Subway Resteraunt., Santa Fe

    Small restroom with one and one . can be very private and loads of fun.
    Crowd: everyone

    rating of The Arcade At Santa Fe.

    2790 Votes

  • Bataan Memorial Building

    Don Gaspar, Santa Fe

    Crowd: State workers on their lunch hours

    rating of Bataan Memorial Building

    1346 Votes

  • La Bajada Rest Area

    , Santa Fe

    periodically welded over. Picnic tables always busy with men lookin for tops or bottoms or both! Lotsa truckers in and out and they're always ! Always had a great time every time I've been there.

    rating of La Bajada Rest Area

    2156 Votes

  • Villa Linda Mall

    4250 Cerrillos Rd., Santa Fe

    Try with Mervyn's washroom first. Many guys go the that's close to the to see if any action is going on. If they use that one, make your move: they are probably looking for action.

    rating of Villa Linda Mall

    1440 Votes

  • The Design Center

    Sandoval & Garfield Streets, Santa Fe

    Restroom very active over the noon hour, but activity continues until closing at 10pm. Large, double , often has two occupants.

    rating of The Design Center

    1426 Votes

  • 225 Canyon Road Galleries

    225 Canyon Road, Santa Fe

    Crowd: Hot hung men, tourists.

    rating of 225 Canyon Road Galleries

    1459 Votes

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