Santa Rosa Gay Cruising Areas

  • Santa Rosa Junior College

    1501 Mendocino Ave., Santa Rosa

    his is located on the second floor of Emeritus Hall. There are 3 s, between the three s there are peeking holes. The peeking holes are not big enough for a . If you sit there and someone goes into the ...

    rating of Santa Rosa Junior College

    1802 Votes

  • Macys Bathroom 2nd floor

    800 Santa Rosa Plaza, Santa Rosa

    Men's Room 2nd Floor next to Womens Petites Section. 3 Stalls, 1 Handicap, Reflective tiles on floor, moderate traffic

    rating of Macy's Bathroom 2nd floor

    3432 Votes

  • Piner Park

    , Santa Rosa

    Crowd: Skaters, stoners, city workers.

    rating of Piner Park

    1872 Votes

  • Youth Community Park

    , Santa Rosa

    Crowd: all types

    rating of Youth Community Park

    1931 Votes

  • Hall of Justice

    600 Administration Dr., Santa Rosa

    Cruisy restroom. Lots of understall action.

    rating of Hall of Justice

    1798 Votes

  • Pioneer Park

    , Santa Rosa

    Crowd: Skaters, Workers, Cruisers

    rating of Pioneer Park

    2201 Votes

  • 630 Howarth Park

    , Santa Rosa

    ruisy parking lot by the tennis courts. There is a cruisy
    parking lot, both accross from the tennis courts (pictured) and above the men's washroom. There is
    action in the washroom itself, althou ...

    rating of 630 Howarth Park

    2741 Votes

  • Santa Rosa Mall - Sears

    , Santa Rosa

    rating of Santa Rosa Mall - Sears

    623 Votes