Sarasota Gay Cruising Areas

  • Siesta Key Beach

    , Sarasota

    Restrooms where you can watch guys change, watch guys , while another guy watches
    Crowd: Everyone: older guys, Latinos, you name it.

    rating of Siesta Key Beach

    2549 Votes

  • North Lido Beach

    John Ringling Blvd, Lido Key,, Sarasota

    his is a beautiful place in Sarasota that years ago was the 'nude' beach in the Sarasota area before recent laws were passed (or actually had laws enforced there). It is close to the world-reknown sho ...

    rating of North Lido Beach

    3374 Votes

  • Cooper Creek Park-Gravel Pit Lake

    Surry Ct., Sarasota

    Crowd: Married males looking for some relief.

    rating of Cooper Creek Park-Gravel Pit Lake

    3849 Votes

  • Red Bug Slough Preserve

    Between Clark and Proctor on Beneva Rd, Sarasota

    his is the very best outdoor venue for cruising in Sarasota. I found it accidentally and have had success every time I've been there. Plenty of privacy and easy to get to. And, in the event there is n ...

    rating of Red Bug Slough Preserve

    3719 Votes

  • Parkway Cinema Area

    6300 N. Lockwood Ridge Road, Sarasota

    ay run shopping strip mall.Some guys use the $1. Cinema. For back seat fun.
    Crowd: High gay population, many from LWR, married guys looking for relief, older guys looking to . Lots of gay guys in C ...

    rating of Parkway Cinema Area

    6930 Votes

  • 10th Street Boat Ramp

    , Sarasota

    The pier at the NW corner is really dark and almost hidden from view.
    Crowd: Older guys and rentboys.

    rating of 10th Street Boat Ramp

    1840 Votes

  • Merchants Point Shopping Center

    , Sarasota

    Crowd: Came upon two guys sucking off behind dumpsters!

    rating of Merchants Point Shopping Center

    1558 Votes

  • Winn Dixie

    41 and Myrtle, Sarasota

    The bathroom has a nice peep hole from to . Mostly younger black guys and blue collar workers.

    rating of Winn Dixie

    1205 Votes

  • Siesta Key Nature Trail

    Midnight Pass Rd & Beach Rd, Sarasota

    ehind the Fire Station at Beach & Midnight Pass Roads is a path through the woods to the beach. Go off the path to the right to find the abandoned nature/jogging trail. Also accessable from the water ...

    rating of Siesta Key Nature Trail

    1531 Votes