Seattle Gay Cruising Areas

  • King County Admin Building

    5th & James, Seattle

    pdate 1/13/2009: pic of the entrance of 5th Ave between James and Jefferson Streets. Cruisy t-room is on this level on 5th Ave (4th floor of the building) next to the licensing office.
    Crowd: All t ...

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  • Minor Street between Pike Pine

    , Seattle

    Brushed areas are kept pretty clear, but the alleys and Minor Street have areas where lots of action goes on...
    Crowd: Mostly young guys; some druggies.

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  • Arboreteum

    , Seattle

    Great place to find meat to play with. Can be very hot at lunch time and in the afternoons. Many go there for quick relief and succeed.
    Crowd: Young, muscular, str8, married, all types.

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  • Woodland Park Plateau

    , Seattle

    ice park, lots of str8 folks, picnic groups, folks with dogs...and gay guys. Find a place to park and walk around. The can by the bowling greens can get pretty busy, too. Hard to find a bad spot...

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  • University of Washingon Health Sciences

    UW, Seattle

    or a nice quickie, that's the place to go. Profs, studs. I moved my foot toward the other and the dude tapped my foot. Next thing I know there is a huge under the partition. Didn't see the guy's fac ...

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  • Carkeek Park

    , Seattle

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  • Freeway Park

    Straddles Freeway/Convention Center foot of Union Street, Seattle

    -room (washroom) open daily, locked at night. Park and gardens, walks, skateboarding. Convention Center entrance.
    Crowd: Everyone from skateboarders to bikini clad sunning on the 'slabs' in the su ...

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  • Convention Center 2nd floor

    south side Pine st, Seattle

    reat watching and stroking action and under action. Can watch many guys stroke or follow them out. All types of guys throughout the day.
    Update: Went there 9/21 and found that they had locked the ...

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  • Four Columns Park

    Pike & Boren, Seattle

    Very small park. Cruising, quickies, blow jobs.
    Crowd: All types. Businessmen, young guys, druggies and homeless.

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  • Seattle Center Space Needle

    Lower Queen Anne Hill, between 3rd & 5th, Seattle

    ots of space with all of the action in the tearooms, either near the International Fountain or inside the Center House. Three floors in Center House, all with men's rooms.
    Crowd: Tourists, locals, ...

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